LINKSTAR’s Idol Q&A: Your Favorite Manga, TV, or Anime?


My favorite is Rozen Maiden because of its worldview concept.

-Ayakawa Hinano-


My favorite manga is “Ao-haru-raido (Blue Spring Ride)”! I love any romantic manga. When I read them, I get so emotionally into it that I forget what time it is.

-Otomo Haru-


My favorite anime is My Neighbor Totoro because it warms me up inside when I watch it!

My favorite manga is “Ansatsu kyoshitsu (Assassination Classroom)”. It’s funny and very heartwarming! It’s really great!

My favorite TV show is “Shabekuri 007”. I laugh out loud when I watch it! Their talk style is educational! But it’s simply funny!

-Matsunaga Arisa-


I don’t read too much manga but I love anime! Some of my favorites are:
Momokuri, Orange, Love Live!, and Love Live! Sunshine

My absolute favorite TV show is Shabekuri 007!

-Haneda Mana-


Detective Conan is my favorite anime and manga! I love watching Conan use his athleticism and intelligence to solve crimes! My favorite TV is called “Monitoring”. It’s a prank show. I love watching people get tricked or scared! Lol

-Ichinose Nanami-


I like any drama. I like following different storylines and try to relate each situation to my own personal experience.

-Uemura Mari-


Capcom’s Gyakuten Saiban series is my favorite! (aka The Ace Attorney Series) I love their unique characters!

-Itoh Yua-


With the release of the new LINKSTAR’s single “twinkling☆”, NSK was granted a Q&A Session with the group. So over the course of the next week, we’ll be releasing the answers to those questions each day. Today’s Question? What is your favorite Manga, TV or Anime?

Check back tomorrow for another great question!

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