LINKSTAR’s Idol Q&A: What Surprised You About Being an Idol?


I didn’t realize there were so many live performances and I am running out of hairstyles!

-Ayakawa Hinano-


I used to watch idols on TV and thought how cute they were with their sparkling smiles while performing but when I tried to do it myself, it was way harder than it looked! It totally surprised me! Lol

-Otomo Haru-


What surprised me at my first live performance, was our fans’ stamina and their jumping abilities! Also, I didn’t realize I was such a tomboy until I met other idols who are really girlish. The gap between me and them really was a surprise!

-Matsunaga Arisa-


I always had the impression that idols are always happy because when I used to watch them, they always had smiles on their faces. But the reality is, like all things, it takes a lot of work!

-Haneda Mana-


When I was just an idol fan, every idol seemed like they were beaming and looked so effortless. I soon realize just how much effort and practice it took to look that way. I was especially surprised to find out how hard it was to sing and dance at the same time.

-Ichinose Nanami-


I don’t know why but when I travel with our group, the travel time seems really short!

-Uemura Mari-


Every Idol has really tiny heads with skinny arms and legs.

**Editor’s Note**
This is meant to be a compliment even though it might not sound as such when translated into English.

-Itoh Yua-

With the release of the new LINKSTAR’s single “twinkling☆”, NSK was granted a Q&A Session with the group. We’re winding down to our final few questions. Today’s Question? What surprised you when you became an Idol?

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