LINKSTAR’s Idol Q&A: Favorite Things About Being an Idol?


I got to meet YOU!

Also I love performing in front of our fans where we can create something special together!

-Ayakawa Hinano-


My favorite thing about being an idol is when we got to perform at Japan Expos in LA last year! It was our first time performing overseas and we were all nervous and had apprehension because of the language barrier.

But once we started, we all found out that not speaking the same language doesn’t really matter as long as we have a good time together! Also, it was great spending a whole week with other members in LA. We went sightseeing and got to experience many wonderful things together! I want to go again.

I think I’m very fortunate and lucky! Being an idol isn’t always easy but each day is an experience. I feel so blessed to be able to do this! But, the best part is being able to bring joy and smiles to all of you!

-Otomo Haru-


The time we went to LA to perform! Also, performing at outdoor festivals!
I basically like anything where we can all hang out together! Lol

It’s not always easy but I am able to experience things many aren’t able to. Also, I get to travel to many places and eat many good stuff! Lots of good stuff to like about it! lol

-Matsunaga Arisa-


Everything! I just love performing and hanging out with the other members!

I get to meet lots of people and I’m able to experience things I normally would not be able to. It feels great to have our fans cheer for us when we perform. I especially feel great about being an idol when our fans come up and tell me they had a great time after our performance. Also, being an idol has enabled me to slowly gain confidence in myself!

-Haneda Mana-


I love doing live shows! I love to sing and dance so I have the most fun when we are performing in front of you guys!

I also love being able to talk with our fans and hear their feedback. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of this group where I can meet and talk to people I would never have met living a normal life.

-Ichinose Nanami-


I love being up on stage where I can shine! Also, I get to meet lots of celebrities!

I was able to meet and become friends with other members. Together we are able to give hope and inspire lots of people! I have slowly been able to gain more and more confidence in myself.

-Uemura Mari-


I am lucky to be able to meet lots of people who are rooting for me.

Also I’ve always been a fan of Mana and was able to become friends with her after joining LINKSTAR’s. I love her!

-Itoh Yua-

With the release of the new LINKSTAR’s single “twinkling☆”, NSK was granted a Q&A Session with the group. We’re winding down to our final few questions. Today’s Question? What’s Your Favorite Things About Being An Idol

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