LINKSTAR’s Idol Q&A: Explain Your Emblem


Strawberry. Like a bittersweet Strawberry, I strike your heart with bittersweet taste!

-Ayakawa Hinano-


I chose the ribbon as my emblem because I want to become someone who can connect our fan’s hearts with ours. I want to connect LINKSTAR’s with everyone in this world!

-Otomo Haru-


Star. I want to be the brightest and the shiniest star in the sky and shine upon everyone! I want to make everyone’s wish come true!

-Matsunaga Arisa-


My emblem is Wing! It’s a reminder to always aim higher!

-Haneda Mana-


I love to sing so I chose a musical note as my emblem. I want to get better at singing!

-Ichinose Nanami-


My emblem is “heart” because I want to become an idol who steals everyone’s hearts!

-Uemura Mari-


I chose clover as my emblem because the flower symbolism or language associated with clover is “Think of me”. I want to become an idol who is loved by everyone.

-Itoh Yua-

With the release of the new LINKSTAR’s single “twinkling☆”, NSK was granted a Q&A Session with the group. So over the course of the next week, we’ll be releasing the answers to those questions each day. Today’s Question? Please Explain Your Emblem

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