‘Limited Addiction’: Sophisticated Undertaking

As Tokyo Girls’ Style continues to battle lackluster sales, AVEX hasn’t given up on them yet. In fact, despite being among the lowest selling idol groups on the map, they’ve delivered quality songs and PVs time and time again, even exceeding the quality of some more well known idols out there today. Their latest effort is no exception.

‘Limited Addiction’ has attitude, and lots of it. Its tenacious funk tunes and smooth vocals flow together seamlessly to create yet another signature song with TGS’s fingerprints all over it. It shares a lot of similar traits that made me love their last entry of 2010, ‘Himawari to Hoshikuzu‘. The instrumentals employ many different sounds and techniques which is always appreciated, and it’s always impressive how well Tokyo Girls’ Style’s tracks are produced. The voices are strong and confident, complimenting the nature of the single very well.

The PV, as expected from TGS, provides some stunning visuals. It stands out for its peculiar settings and props that all somehow work together to create an interesting dynamic between the coldly clinical and the mortally tragic. Everything is portrayed with a glamorous sheen, with very unique and vivid arrangements. Reclining on a table in a red dress, idly playing with a green chameleon; Sitting on the patio of a cold, corporate tower, inexplicably drenched with water; These are visual allegories that you just don’t see often in idol PVs. A major strength of Tokyo Girls’ Style’s music videos have been the obscure and memorable imagery that have made an impression on me time and time again. I can write paragraphs about how well all the shots in this PV are composed, but long story short, it’s very smartly done.

However, I feel that the issue of the members’ ages keep the PV concept from achieving its full potential, because despite all of the intriguing imagery, it’s simply too mature for girls of that age to pull off convincingly. I found myself withholding a chuckle more than once because it hit me that the members are essentially pretending to be older— yet they look simply too young at times to pull off the desired impression. The dance outfits seem S/mileage-inspired: hyper-leggy with obnoxiously poofy skirts that I’m not fond of personally. Still, they retain the classy and minimalist outfits with muted tones that TGS is known for which is different from what most idols in the market usually sport, providing a nice break from everything else.

Tokyo Girls’ Style is without a doubt one of the most stylish idol groups I’ve ever come across. Having found their style and identity with Himawari to Hoshikuzu, they hit the ground running. With high quality singles and an impressive album, I see a great future for them; if they last that long. Tokyo Girls’ Style has grown to be an integral part of my Idol circle, providing much needed freshness and unorthodox flavor to my palate, so I can only hope that Avex will continue to pull through and that more followers will emerge to put TGS on the map.



‘Limited Addiction’
Tokyo Girls’ Style
Releases August 24th, 2011


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