let’s get down to it.  the nitty gritty.

now i’m not someone who constantly compares new singles to old ones, but seeing how AKB is seemingly at the height of their popularity, there have been murmurs of anticipation to find out if Heavy Rotation would beat their last popular single, Ponytail to Shushu.  it was expected this time that Heavy Rotation would chart #1 on Oricon’s top daily charts, and it has; kudos to AKB for charting #1 four times in a row now.

the single has been out for two days; the first day sales numbers added up to 340,487 copies, which is less than Ponytail to Shushu’s first day sales number of 354,403.  it came up about 14k short.

well the second day sales report just came in at 68,439, which beats Ponytail to Shushu’s 2nd day sales of 49,477.

so for those who want to compare sums,

Ponytail to Shushu day 1 and 2 total: 403,880

Heavy Rotation day 1 and 2 total: 408,926

despite being behind on day one sales, i’m glad they rebounded with the biggest 2nd day sales in AKB’s history to push past Ponytail’s numbers.  we’ll see as the days go on if Heavy Rotation will continue to pull ahead.

it may be a long shot, but it’d be neat if this single could pull through to break 500k for their first week sales.


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