Let the planning begin, ya in?


NSK is currently in the planning stages of attending Idol Matsuri June 20-22 in Silverdale, Washington.

Currently attending will be

David Liao
David Chang
Dae Lee
Chase Lim

With Ayrton Travina also being a possibility.

We are trying to coordinate with others who have interest in going so we can set up some kind of meet up as well as have a few events, such as karaoke or Just Dance Japan Version. We will also be doing some filming for Idol related shorts/music videos that weekend so we’d like some sort of idea the number of people interested in getting involved. I can’t currently say what the plan is but we need a good number of extras in the background for something like Banzai Venus or KFC.

We’d like to get a lot of this planning done so we can try to coordinate with Idol Matsuri to try to make it more of an official get together. If you’re planning to go or even just interested, please leave a comment below.


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