Learning to Love Failure (A Lesson From Idols)


This weekend I started down a path that has probably been long since been overdue.

I started following an Idol group called Muse or more properly stylized “μ’s”.

That’s right, I’m talking about the fictional idol group portrayed in the immensely popular anime “Love Live.”

As I stated before, this has probably been long since coming. So please excuse me if I sound a little out of touch like I’m the first person who just discovered sliced bread.

While I have many opinions of the series and how the characters and story are developed, I can’t express how much praise I have for how the series handled the first performance for the group.

The cold harshness of reality sets in rather quickly as the members of the group find out that being an idol isn’t just all fun and games.


There’s a lot of hard work and growth sure but there’s also an immense fear of failure.

But how you face that failure is what will eventually set you apart from the others.

Instead of walking off the stage embarrassed and defeated, they put on a powerful, impactful, and lasting performance……. for the one person that shows up.

In our genre, it is very much a two way street. It is similar to other performance based groups but uniquely different in it’s own way.

As much as an Idol can influence and improve our lives, we have a significant amount of ability to change theirs.


So after watching Episode 3 of Love Love, that is something I ask of all you potential fans to keep in mind. Don’t just stay at home. Don’t be afraid to go out there and experience things. For better or worse, go and find out for yourself. Even if you’re the only fan out there and it’s embarrassing for you.

You never know what it might mean from the opposite side of the curtain.

So whether you are an Idol or you are a fan, we’re in the same situation. We must put ourselves out there in the face of failure. And when that failure comes, learn how to handle it and then put on the performance of a lifetime in order to smash down all the things keeping us from out goals.

We must learn to love performing even in front of an empty audience.

Because I promise you, there isn’t an Idol or performer, or anyone successful for that matter, who didn’t at one time come across the same situation.

We must learn to love failure because of the possibilities it opens up to us.

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