Kondo Rina is Breaking Barriers

If you don’t follow NMB48, Kondo Rina is the resident selfish brat with a smart mouth. She is possibly my favorite NMB member and she is also, incidentally, a genius.

Fans go crazy for handshakes. Many fans buy, trade, and breathe handshake tickets in order to meet these girls, shake their hands, and have 10 seconds of conversation. But what about fans who can’t make it to these heavenly meccas? Kondo Rina’s got you covered with her infamous “air handshakes”.

In October when she participated in handshake events with fans, she posted a blog entry and accompanied it with a picture of her posing as if to give a handshake to the camera, saying it was dedicated to those who could not attend. An extremely simple concept, but held an undeniable charm. Sure, it’s nothing like actually seeing her face to face but it’s the thought and sentiment that really counts here.

That particular post had a great reaction from her fans so she continued to do it, becoming somewhat of a feature on her blog. Though inadvertent, I thought it was particularly clever because it becomes something not only for Japanese fans who couldn’t make it, but for overseas fans who very well may never be able to attend as well. And two-shots? She’s got you covered on that too:

Air two-shot with Kondo Rina!


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  1. If she isn’t back in senbatsu for the next single then I have to question what management is thinking. Easily one of my favourite NMB48 members, get her back on Naniwa Nadeshiko too while you’re at it.

  2. So, after the conversation I had with you Dae, about Kondo Rina, I paid close attention to her on Naniwa Nadeshiko episodes. I can see some people not liking her bratty personality but I really like that about her.

    This is a simple yet fantastic idea for fans who couldn’t/can’t attend the hand shaking events. Thanks for the post! I have new found respect for Kondo Rina and just as Mage77 said, I hope she’s back in senbatsu and Naniwa Nadeshiko.

  3. Yep. I agree, Kondo Rina is too awesome to ignore. I haven’t been keeping up with nmb48 as often as I should, but I her remember leaving a really strong impression with me from that one show with the doll prank. Her bratty/sassy behavior is adorable to me.

    haha, kudos for her on the air-two shot. Now, people can photoshop themselves into that seat! How convenient and considerate of her!

  4. Thanks for writing this article. Got to learn something more about Kondo Rina and her ingenious ideas.

    To come up with the idea of “air handshakes”, she really knows how to maximise her charm and score points with the fans.

    I had the luck (and honour) to be able to meet her in person on 2011-12-03 (GMT+8) at a special cafe event held in Singapore. The other special guests for this event were Yamada Nana and Hikawa Ayame.

    At first look, Kondo Rina did seems aloof but when it came to the handshake segment, she melted my heart… A killer smile, she has. She made me forget how to form proper sentences…

    Bratty as she may be, Kondo Rina is fun to watch on screen and as Dae puts it; she has an undeniable charm that attracts attention, in a good way.

    Hope to be able to see more of her in the coming releases and episodes. In the meantime, got to photoshop me a two-shot…

    • Btw, during the Q&A segment of the event, there was a question on who is their AKB48 oshimen.

      Kondo Rina’s AKB48 oshimen is Itano Tomomi.

      Yamada Nana has two oshimen, which are Itano Tomomi and Shinoda Mariko.

      Hikawa Ayame has three oshimen, which are Yamauchi Suzuran (I could be wrong about this as I did not catch what she said), Sato Sumire and Kashiwagi Yuki.

      • Wow you met her extremely recently! So jealous.
        It’s interesting to know there are “Oshimashi”(having more than one oshimen) in NMB, thanks for the info :]

  5. I love when members do this, it’s such a nice gesture. Here’s one of my favorites: http://tinyurl.com/73j6jn3

    And man, that two shot is gold haha it’s like I’m really there!

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