Kondo Rina is Breaking Barriers

If you don’t follow NMB48, Kondo Rina is the resident selfish brat with a smart mouth. She is possibly my favorite NMB member and she is also, incidentally, a genius.

Fans go crazy for handshakes. Many fans buy, trade, and breathe handshake tickets in order to meet these girls, shake their hands, and have 10 seconds of conversation. But what about fans who can’t make it to these heavenly meccas? Kondo Rina’s got you covered with her infamous “air handshakes”.

In October when she participated in handshake events with fans, she posted a blog entry and accompanied it with a picture of her posing as if to give a handshake to the camera, saying it was dedicated to those who could not attend. An extremely simple concept, but held an undeniable charm. Sure, it’s nothing like actually seeing her face to face but it’s the thought and sentiment that really counts here.

That particular post had a great reaction from her fans so she continued to do it, becoming somewhat of a feature on her blog. Though inadvertent, I thought it was particularly clever because it becomes something not only for Japanese fans who couldn’t make it, but for overseas fans who very well may never be able to attend as well. And two-shots? She’s got you covered on that too:

Air two-shot with Kondo Rina!


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