Kokoro no Placard International FAN ver. UPDATE

David Liao at Tokyo Dome

First off, I apologize for not keeping you guys up to date on the Kokoro no Placard International FAN ver. Project. The last week has been rather hectic with trying to arrange travel to Japan so my mind has been on other things, but be assured the project is still on and I will resume video editing as soon as I get back home to Texas.

The good news is we have some extra time for people to contribute. We will extend the deadline to next Monday, August 25th. I will make one last sign up sheet for parts needed to finish the video, look for that on Friday or early Saturday.

Please please please, help spread the word to anyone else who may want to be included. We want to include as many people as possible and we don’t want to leave any country unrepresented!

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  1. Thanks goodness . . . you damn lucky man bro! I will submit more video soon

  2. David dude congrats on the award, it is deserved for all you did to make the video happen, hopefully this one will be great too :3 must have been awesome to meet them on stage like that, damn big Texas sized grin on your face!

  3. Count me in! I’m not Australian myself but it’s sad not to have Australia in this one :(

  4. Bobby Priyantono Sokarijo

    Congrats dude.

  5. WOOO, I want to be Canada daiho please! ,

  6. count me in!! i want to join too ^_^ .

  7. i already sent my video, have you see it yet ?? thx

  8. I just sent in a E-mail to the G-Mail acct for NSK. It’s uploaded on Google Drive – if this is a problem I have a back-up on DailyMotion you can download – email me for the PVT link if you need it – good luck. I hope there’s some workable clips in there for you.

  9. I also was wondering if you guys got my mail (Christian Leiser, Germany) since i haven’t got a reply or anything yet.

  10. Just wondering if you guys got my video OK or not. I submitted before the original deadline. Thanks in advance.

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