kimi no koto ga suki dakara [because i love you]

i don’t know why i’m posting this fairly old video other than to say right now that it’s probably among my all time favorite PVs from akb.

something about the uncomplicated cute dance, how the motions fit with the music.  how they dance on a freshly cut grass field, with bright contrasting colors on a cold overcast day.  how they wear simple color-coordinated red and green uniforms, without unnecessary flair.  i guess that’s the word: simple.

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this pv is performed by ‘undergirls’, which are members who have not made the cut for senbatsu but made the ‘second best’ group who get their own single and pv.  this video in particular brought a lot of girls to light that i haven’t given much notice to, and spotlighted girls that deserved attention that they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

takajyo aki

this pv absolutely loves takajyo.  no one glows and exudes more energy than she does throughout the video.  she would act so timid at times that i was a little worried about her, but this performance showed me once and for all that she had the chops to move up from a research student to team A.  she finally gets the attention i wanted her to get.

sashihara rino

sashihara is a close second; i love that she got more attention in this pv, her enthusiasm is always a joy to watch.  when i started paying attention to akb sashihara didn’t stand out immediately.  she seemed plain looking compared to the other girls; but when i started to notice her more, she skyrocketed to my top list.  she has an attractive quality that none of the other girls have, i can’t even describe it well.  she can look ordinary, but also be absolutely radiant.  she’s been getting more attention recently on akb variety shows; i hope her fanbase grows even more.

matsui rena

and it’s always great to see matsui rena represent ske without being in matsui jurina’s shadow.  as much as i may complain about ske members being involved in akb affairs, rena is the exception.  sometimes i wish she was just part of akb instead of an ske guest.  wonder what team she would fit into…i want to say team A, which is all eclectic and strange now after the shuffle(which isn’t a bad thing so far, i’ll need to wait and see).  she also wears glasses in parts of the pv.  and that’s awesome.

sato sumire

this was also the pv that helped bring the fairly new member, sato sumire out of the background.  i made a post earlier about her.  i hate to use the word adorable.  but she is.  moeno is another member that i didn’t know very well, but thought she did a great job and had a great presence.  ohta aika, cute as always.  everyone in the group did an awesome job.  even manami oku had traces of enthusiasm…traces of it.

did i not mention the song yet?  upbeat, catchy, positive and fast paced; it hits all the right notes but not in a predictable way.  lyrics are somewhat sad, but has a positive outlook.  when i first heard the single it blew me away, and has a high ranking on my list of favorites.  i have to say, akb has a very strong track record now that i look back on them, especially in 2009.  maybe i’ll post my list sometime.

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