It was established that there would be a competition between two newly created subgroups akin to last year’s Team PB and Team YJ.

This time it’s Team YJ and Team YM, and unlike last year, the competition looks tough. Team YJ consists of Minegishi Minami, Kitahara Rie, Yokoyama Yui, Ota Aika, Sato Amina, Ichikawa Miori, and Yamauchi Suzuran.

Team YM has Sashihara Rino, Kasai Tomomi, Takajyo Aki, Miyazaki Miho, Komori Mika, Sato Sumire, and Takeuchi Miyu.

Being a fan of every single member presented(‘cept for Suzuran, who I don’t know at all), it’s hard to predict which team has the upper edge. Team YM can be seen as the team with more established and popular members, but team YJ can have more hardcore followers in the theater community, not to mention the “new money” additions of Yokoyama and Ichikawa, who are both gaining tons of spotlight and popularity.

Personally, I lean more towards YM because I’m a huge Team B fan(team YM’s got a ton of Team B members), and I’m most excited about Sato Sumire and Takeuchi Miyu having ample screen-time in the PV. And of course, it’s the team with Miyazaki Miho, and that alone tips my favor. That girl is too entertaining.

What is that? You want to vote for Miyazaki too?! How awesome of you! The great thing about this entire set up is that they make it extremely easy for us overseas fans to vote. Click below to see how!

Alright, so here are step-by-step screencaps of what to do.

Step One— Go to this site, and click where I drew the red arrows:



Step Two— Now you’re treated to a fantastic picture of Miyazaki Miho! Don’t be distracted though, cause it’s not over yet. At the bottom of the picture, click on where the red arrows are drawn:



Step Three— Do a little dance, cause if you see this page, your vote counted! Go Miho!:

And you can cast one vote everyday. Let’s go!!!!!

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