Join The NSK Crew For The AKB48 37th Single Senbatsu Election Livestream!


Watching livestreams of AKB48 concerts have become somewhat of a tradition for NSK and its community and this stream is no different. We will be hosting a watch party on Skype for the Senbatsu Election which is going to take place on Saturday, June 7th at 5 PM JST. At this time, we don’t know if they will be doing a G+/Youtube stream so we will have to find a stream that we can all watch together.  Add, “newschoolkaidan” on Skype and then message me on twitter or in IRC on the Rizon server #NSK or leave a comment on this post to secure a spot in the Skype call. First come first serve! We usually fill up all 24 spots on these watch party Skype calls so make sure you let me know if you want to participate!


Spoiling the ranking before everyone hears the name of the member will result in a warning and you will be removed from the call for a second offense.

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  1. cool

  2. Kenryo Budiman

    Hello NSK, I’ve added your Skype Account and my username is Kenryo Budiman
    I’d like to join watching AKB 37th SSK
    thanks before

  3. Hi Yoshi, count me in for saturday, I’ll be there!

  4. Vanessa Licata

    Can’t wait

  5. Not sure if you wanted a spot, Robert but I added you anyways. Kenryo, Jeremy and Vanessa have been added as well.

  6. Hai NSK,I just added your Skype account My usernameis Lance Ong
    I wish to join watching this live on this Saturday,thanks

  7. hi ! count me in please ? “you10029” thanks !

  8. Hello, i just added you on Skype, my nick there is pietro111181111. I´d like to watch akb48 37th single ssk, thanks

  9. Hey! I just added you on skype some minutes ago, my username is nofuture325, are there still spots for the watch party available?

  10. Hi. Would like to join the chat for tmr sousenkyo. My username is Michael Wunady.

  11. you1002,

    Neluren, Eden, Michael, the party is full at the moment. Some of the people who RSVPed might not show up so if that happens, you will be added in order.

  12. hello nsk, i added your skype. i would love to join akb48 ssk

  13. Hello NSK, I’ve added your Account, my username is eonparanoic. I would love to join you guys in the ssk :)

  14. Hi I would like to join AKB 37th SSK

  15. Hi I’ve added your Skpy aacount ‘newschoolkaidan.’

    My account name is Noriko Yamamoto. I’d like to join watching AKB 37th SSK
    Thanks in advance.

  16. HI, I would like to watch the 37th SSk, and have added your account. My username is Robbledino


  17. Okay, we have a lot of requests for the watch party. We are full right now so if some people don’t show up, we will add you. Also, I wanted to clarify that we are NOT streaming any of the election. We are simply watching some stream on JTV together and commenting on Skype. Just wanted to clarify that point.

  18. Miku_maachan_acchan

    Is it too late?? Probaly.. Anyways if its not my name is miku_maachan_acchan

  19. nickname oppapi-acchan10

  20. If you added the nsk skype account, msg me. Your display names are different from your skype names. So just msg me if you want to join.

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