Join A Fantasy Football League With The NSK Community!

Hello folks, are you interested in fantasy football(American Football/Hand Egg) or interested in the National Football League? Tron, Garry and I will be creating a fantasy football league with just idol fans! If you need some information on how to play Fantasy Football, check out the links below. We need at least one more person to make a 6 person league and we are willing to take on 4-6 more people making the total to 10-12 participants. Send us an email through our contacts page or leave your e-mail in the comments if you’re interested. We will try to accommodate the draft time to what works for the most amount of participants. The season starts on September 5th so we will draft before that day. Also, every team has to have an idol-related team name for example, “Tanaka Reina’s Hairstylist” or “Takajo Aki’s Quadriceps”. This is the first NSK Sports Club activity so lets have some fun!

Register on ESPN

Fantasy Football Tutorial

Quick Article on Fantasy Football


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  1. Other than team names, how do u plan to apply this to idols?

    • It’s like the PC Club. I don’t think PC Club has anything to do with idols other than our sprays we use in Valve games.

  2. “Takajo Aki’s Quadriceps”
    Great.. thanks for that image, now I gotta go masturbate.

  3. sure, sign me up!

  4. ok, will do.

  5. OK guys, I’ll go for it!

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