NSK [018] – Tron Writes Off Miss A

Recorded November 16th, 2010.

The Catch Up: Late retail nights, yawning, Akanishi Jin in Texas and bad business decisions.

News: Single releases, Guinness World Records, Shinoda Mariko in film, AKB’s 19th single, Morning Musume in 3D, and more!

Discussion Topics: Miss A, Chance no Junban cover speculation, PV rumors, Ono Erena in ‘Sankaku’, hater’s hate on Michishige, Dae and Tron’s expensive idol purchases, Chisato’s dance video and more!

More Talk: Tron has big hurdles, live action One Piece, Best Buy, and C-ute’s Christmas PV.

Final Word: Idol snobs, the K version of the 19th single, ‘End of the Year Show’ excitement, Tron ruins everything.

Opening: SKE48 – To wo Tsunagigara
Closing: Undergirls – Bokue dake no Value


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  1. Good show this week. My comments:

    1. I think Akanishi Jin had a couple performances in LA before he started this recent tour. He probably had some decent success there so he thought he could conquer the entire US.

    2. I thought of another flaw for Yuko. She likes to fart in front of people. I guess some guys might find that attractive though.

    3. Sasshi glasses picture for David http://oi52.tinypic.com/2uylqiq.jpg

    4. Kimura Kaela is married to Eita, not Osamu Mukai.

    5. Stop buying pictures Dae. You won’t be able to go to Japan.

    6. I gotta agree with Mr. Tron on that Miss A music video. I don’t know if it’s their looks, the music or the pink hair or something else that bothers me. Maybe all of it. They’re flexible though, I’ll give them that.

  2. So much Miss A hate. I really like the music video.

  3. Boku Dake no Value is a kickass song. Almost made me cry tears… manly tears.

    Loving the weekly shows, keep up the good work.

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