NSK – [016] Tron’s Bored

Recorded October 31st, 2010.

Unreleased CD, New C-ute Single, Hair Dying, AKB Beginner Sales, Dae’s Auction, Miyazawa Sae’s Appeal, Sushi Song, Bathing Ape, Basketball & Allen Iverson, Idoling & Momoiro Clover

Discussion Topic: Nicknames & Popularity

Opening: AKB48 Team B – Wasshoi B!
Closing: C-ute – Aitai Lonley Christmas


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  1. I have answers for some of the questions about nicknames.

    Sashiko is one of Sasshi’s nicknames but it was rarely heard until they did the prank announcement that she was changing her name to Sashiko.

    The nickname Lovetan comes from the “Ai” in Aika since “Ai” means love.

    Mitsui Aika has the nickname Mittsi.

    Yuko also has the nicknames Korin and Korisu, which means baby squirrel or something like that because she looks like a squirrel.

    Are they talking about Dae’s Akicha picture in this thread?


    What was the misunderstanding David’s gf had about the Majisuka song? She thought he had a yankii girl fetish or something? lol

    • thanks for all the clarifications! totally forgot about korisu, i rarely hear it nowdays, and lovetan’s nickname makes a lot of sense now.

      and yes, that is the crazy takajyo picture; it’s mine and i have no regrets, contrary to what atron may think.

      about the misunderstanding with david’s gf:
      i made a post some time ago praising the live performance of the majisuka song at the yokohama arena concert and titled the post “Seriously Rock ‘n Roll“, making fun of the fact that ‘seriously’ is the literal meaning of ‘majisuka’. i thought i was being pretty clever, but david’s gf mistook my title as saying that the majisuka song was an actual rock ‘n roll song.

      i guess it made her mad cause she treasures the rock genre and was offended at the thought of me saying Majisuka was rock HAHA. i know where she’s coming from since rock is my favorite genre too, so her confusion was understandable.

      i’m glad someone’s listening to our podcasts; thanks for your input!

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