Japan Doesn’t Think We Have Enough Body Organs

Japan’s becoming rather well known for thinking outside of the box, asking questions and creating solutions.

A gadget/fashion accessory project called Neurowear has been spreading the buzz by creating a hairband called Necomimi(cat ears)—that move robotically depending on your brain activity.

They advertise that one day they can be used to express emotions and feelings, without verbally saying so. Embarrassment, happiness, anger, sadness, all expressed without uttering a single word.

All I can think about is how these can be used in the coldest and most practical ways possible. Maybe we put these into standard practice on witnesses and the accused during court trials? Or maybe used during interrogation? Maybe we can tweak these into modern lie detectors, without all the messy wires and large electronics. Cat ears are clearly the future.


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  1. It looks kinda cute but my mind has already been tainted by images of western otaku/weeaboo/whatever wearing cat ears and the like so forgive me if I go bleach my brain again.

    It’s certainly interesting technology though. Not entirely sure you’d see too many young Japanese women wearing them around town but I’m sure it’ll appeal greatly to the niche that’s into this sort of thing.

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