It’s Treacherous Scandal Tuesday!

Things seem to be stirring in AKB, and it’s not good news.

AKB’s Mori Anna and Oba Mina’s personal blogs have apparently been discovered, with evidence of some rule-breakage, at least in the past. Mori Anna’s entries revealed that she had a boyfriend at least for two years before joining, and posts that she may still be interested in him, as well as an entry that says she may wait eight months before retiring from something(three guesses what that could be?).

But the juicier parts come from Oba Mina’s supposed blog, where it’s said to have entries talking about drinking, compensated dating, and having a boyfriend before joining AKB. Nito Moeno could also be in trouble, as Oba mentions a “Moeno” who had a boyfriend as well. You can read about both of these in detail here, where this news was first posted in Nihongogo by admin Hana.

It’s interesting that scandals are finding relatively new members. While Mori Anna may possibly get by with a slap on the wrist, Oba Mina’s ejection from AKB may be inevitable, should it be confirmed. This is a relatively big hit, considering she was recently announced as captain of the newly formed Team 4. The scandals don’t affect me personally because they just sound like regular people their age, but they should have taken better precautions as celebrities, since rules are rules; and seeing them be demoted or kicked out for it would be a shame.

I suppose personal blogs are what to look for nowadays. NMB’s Shimada Rena’s future hung in the balance because her blog revealed that she had a boyfriend last year, along with a purikura of them together. NMB’s Management seemed respond leniently by not kicking her out, but since then, more pictures have surfaced, making Shimada Rena’s immediate future in NMB look more bleak.

What a cluster of scandals. But rules that oppress basic human instincts like attraction(especially in young adults) is just begging for trouble.


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  1. If the blog actually is Mina’s and the rumors about its content are true, then kicking her out for drinking wouldn’t be unjustified, for sure.

    I hope it’s not true, buuuuut…

  2. I hope this is not true but the allegations with the drinking and the enjo kousai comment is very concerning. It would be sad to see Oba gone but Aki-P and management need to send a message (demotion, suspension, kicked out) to these girls now about having these scandals, especially considering the growth and popularity of the group currently.

  3. Ugh. This might seem a bit closed-minded but I hate the idea of idols drinking or doing enjo kousai. I don’t even like the idea of normal girls that are underage doing this.

    I certainly hope these allegations are not true but there is little doubt considering the evidence is on her blog. I hope things work out for her but I understand if disciplinary action is taken. I personally think the “boyfriend rule” is justified. Boyfriends for young performers might cause problems.

  4. I can’t imagine Oba Mina getting kicked out of akb. She quickly became a personal favorite of mine. So, it’d be pretty sad to see her go. Nevertheless, her actions are pretty serious as an idol and the consequences must be dealt with.

    I didn’t know what “compensated dating” was, so I looked it up and it sounds pretty serious. While I doubt that any sexual favors took place, it’s still indecent behavior. Everything else just really makes me smh. You’re right Dae, it’s pretty typical for an average teenager to experiment with drinking and the like, but definitely not for an idol. Oba is no longer capable of being the captain of Team 4 or an idol. She is now incapable of being a leader that the members of team 4 can aspire to become and the trust between her and her fans will slowly diminish. She had potential, but this scandal is going to be a stigma on her career.

    On the bright side, maybe there will be an option for redemption. What’s in the past can be put aside, because it’s not about who you WERE but who you ARE. The ideal situation for me would be Oba being demoted from leader and remaining as a member of team 4, giving her the opportunity to prove her worth to the group and to show her dedication as an idol.

  5. Is it wrong that I honestly don’t care about what may or may not have happened? These girls are idols sure but at the end of the day they’re also human just like everyone else. People make mistakes and in all honesty the idea of all of these girls being pure maidens who could never possibly do such horrible things as drinking, dating, etc always felt pretty awkward to me.

    I dunno, a couple of young adults screwed up like most young adults do. Sorry if my reaction isn’t more shocked or sensationalist.

    • I know what you mean. While I sympathize with being able to make a few mistakes in life without getting any flak for it, these girls knew what being an idol would entail. If they were “normal” kids/teenagers they wouldn’t being be receiving this much scrutiny but being an idol puts them in a position where even young, impressionable girls look up to them (not all fans are old men :) and an agency that hangs in the balance from their success. They have a huge amount of responsibility to uphold and the mistakes they make simply doesn’t effect them alone. They effect the group, the agency, and the fans. It’s a job with a certain set of rules just like any other, albeit a little more extreme, but in breaking those rules they failed to fulfill their obligation as an idol.

      I think the main point of having a “pure idol” with a clean image is how it may effect promotional purposes. For example, most ad agencies simply won’t associate with individuals or groups with a scandal over their heads and that’s a bad financial situation for an idol business. Of course, there’s also the risk of losing fans and a drop in sales for merchandise. So, while it’s a very human thing to make mistakes, as an idol it’s their job to not make those mistakes. As soon as they auditioned for the group, they were entering into an understood obligation that specifically requests for them to abstain from any incriminating behavior. It can seem unfair, but it’s part of the criteria in the idol world. If they can’t do that, then they should go for something else other than an idol.

  6. Well one thing I will definatly say is that I expect all xxx48 members at the moment agre getting rid of as many personal blogs etc that they can think of!

    I wonder if perhpas management has gone a bit lax on protecting the newer members, like they either don’t perhpas put the care and attention into this sort of thing now as compared to when the older gen’s were starting it, probably not but perhpas something to consider.

    Oba Mina is definatly in the hottest water, no doubt there, just being selected as team 4 captain, meant that she was obviously a girl who was valued by the company and who was steadily gaining fans, to have these things come up against her, especially the compensated dating which is by far the worst allegation, may in all likeliness be the end of her,the very best she can hope for is the loss of her captaincy and to be hidden from most things akb related for a long time but sadly I just don’t see her perhpas recovering fron the allegations, even if they end up false…..

    It’s odd but I feel now that both Shimada Rena and Mori Anna’s fate may well rest in what happens to Oba, if Oba does end up being fired I feel as though it may happen to these two also, to set an exapmle, perhaps not so much to the fans etc but to the other girls in the company. On the other hand, neither of these girls have gotten the attention that Oba has on AKB programming etc, and of course thier scandals are not so much compared to Oba’s list so they may well get away with it, maybe both getting relegated to thier respective kenkyuusei so they can be ‘re-evealuated’ or to but more simply, taken out of the limelight for a while….

    as for Moeno, unless something more concrete comes up about her, i.e. from a personal blog of hers for example, I don’t feel as though she will be in much trouble, especially as she is not a massivly featured member anyway, I do feel though as perhaps she may be doing her own version of Homer Simpson strangling Bart on Oba!

    I suppose if the worst does happen to these girls I hope that it acts as a warning to the other girls about the nature of thier business and about how far some people may well go to get some ‘dirt’ on you………

  7. This kind of thing is really worrying. The things about Mori Anna doesn’t bother me too much because of course someone might stay in contact with someone after breaking up with them and if she feels the need to leave then she leaves no harm done(, apart from some heart-broken fans). The Oba Mina stuff however does worry me alot, she quickly became one of my favorites of Team4, the enjo kousai stuff seems kind of unbelievable for me (but worries the hell out of me,) but if it’s true then she will probably have some heavy punishments ahead of her. If she has been drinking then damn, thats unfortunate but that isn’t an rule-break capable of getting her kicked out, is it? If she had a boy friend before joining AKB I can’t see how thats a big deal because she wasn’t an idol back then and she lived a life without those rules. Nito Moeno probably doesn’t need to worry about anything just yet unless anything more concrete comes up about her(, I really really hope nothing does).

  8. Other than still not caring about any of this, I guess the real issue I take with the whole thing is that a lot of these things appear to have happened before X member was a part of AKS. I think that it’s pretty unfair that these girls are getting raked over hot coals for things that happened before they even knew they were going to be idols.

    Maybe this should be a wake up call to some people so that they can realise that not every idol is as “pure” as their management makes them out to be (and that there’s nothing wrong with that). I mean, no one actually believes that they’re perfect right? You do all know you’re being marketed a product, right?

    I think I’ll just leave it at that. I’m being negative enough as it is and I’m sure I’ve managed to upset enough people for one blog comment.

    • Honestly, I don’t think too many fans outside of Japan are caring that much about what the members in question (may) have done(Oba Mina’s case may be harder since it involves breaking the law).

      I think more people just don’t want these members to get kicked out. That’s my case, anyway. I want Oba Mina in my AKBINGOS!

  9. Does anyone have links to these blog sites? Actually, I’m only really interested in Oba Mina’s personal blog

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