It’s Not An A-Side #02

Welcome to another installment of “It’s Not An A-Side”! This is an article which I will be featuring songs that weren’t released as an A-side. It’ll feature, B-sides, album songs, theater songs, etc. Keep reading to see what song was featured this time!


If you know anything about me, you know that I like up-tempo, energetic songs. There is a song that sums up my love for fast paced, super upbeat songs. That song is “Seifuku no Me”, the title track off of SKE48’s S3rd Stage.

The first thing you should notice is the high energy choreography and dancing that SKE48 is known for. I think this song is one of the songs that should be used to explain SKE48 as a whole. The song itself has an interesting meaning. The song talks about a leaf bud sprouting out of their uniforms. The reason this imagery was used is to show the changing of seasons where during winter time, they would wear a coat but a leaf bud grows out of their uniform to signal the change of season to spring where they no longer need a coat. The song starts off with, “The path to school, grey and navy winter clothes, my breath doesn’t turn white, I don’t think I’ll need a muffler”. “Northern wind changes direction, the sun filters through between the clouds”.  The lyrics present an in-between period between winter and spring where it no longer feels like a true winter. The chorus goes, “the uniform sprouts a bud, underneath the heavy coat, a new spring like the buds are waiting, the uniform sprouts a bud, it feels like something is about to form, it makes me want to stretch towards the sky, getting ready to be energetic”. That should give you an idea of what Akimoto intended on relaying as a message. Imagery of a sprout growing out of a coat to signal the warmth that’s up ahead.

So, “Seifuku no Me” has interesting lyrics and the instrumentals are perfect in matching the song’s energy and fast tempo. It is hard to describe the sound of instrumentals considering it doesn’t feel like a single genre of music. It can sound like just regular idol rock, but also includes ska elements in the verse with guitar riffs playing off beats. A very interesting eclectic sound that provides just enough punch to supply more energy for this song.

I would hope that after watching the video, you’d come away impressed with the intense choreography. SKE48 has shown different kinds of wave choreography and it is of course started by Matsui Jurina. I’m personally a big fan of the row wave from “Kataomoi Finally” as well. Also in the intro is the choreography that puts image of a sprout growing out of the ground. During the end of the verse, they start taking off their jackets, making you think, “WHERE AM I!? A PEEP SHOW!?” That’s not the case at all. They’re taking the jackets off signaling the change in season and the fact that they no longer need winter clothes! Another hint of spring coming is the peace sign they hold up above their heads. Once again putting an image in your head of sprouts growing out of their uniforms.

Oya Masana is very well-known around SKE48 fan circles for her huge jumps during the intro of the song. HOW’S THAT FOR ENERGY!?

During the bridge, the members spell out S, K, E, and the fans chant, “S.K.E.” at the end of the instrumental bridge. Kind of reminds me of the fan participation in “Team B Oshi” when the fans chant “48!” in the intro.

That sums up all the great things about the song that I wanted to talk about. Check back next time for another installment of “It’s Not An A-Side”!

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