It’s Not An A-Side #01

Welcome to a new feature on the site titled, “It’s Not An A-Side”! This is an article I will be featuring songs that weren’t released as an A-side. It’ll feature, B-sides, album songs, theater songs, etc. Keep reading to see who took the honors of being the first non-A-side to be featured!

“Wani to Shampoo” is an album song off of Momoiro Clover Z’s album, “Battle and Romance”. “Battle and Romance” is easily one of if not the best idol album released last year. The album features Momoiro Clover Z’s singles but also has fantastic songs like “Wani to Shampoo”.

“Wani to Shampoo” is totally a get up and dance type of song. The song starts off with Momoka‘s solo intro and leads into the “La, La, La La La La La”. Then goes straight into the verse where Momoka once again has a solo to kick off the verse. You can say that this is Momoka’s song where she has a lot of solo time and can showcase her vocals.

The lyrics to this song are great. It reminds me of times in school where I had homework due after a long break. The lyrics are mainly about the girls freaking out about the due date of tons of homework assignments that are not done.

“What is x+y=?”. According to the lyrics, it is, “C.I.A.”. “What is the capital of Australia?”. The answer certainly isn’t, “Does not exist”. Do you also know what makes up oxygen? It definitely isn’t, “Wani(alligator) to(and) Shampoo”.

There is also clever word play in the lyrics like, “Owaranai(roughly translated to ‘can’t finish’)” when referring to not being able to finish the homework. That can also be read as, “Oh, what a night”. Fantastic word play by the genius, Maeyamada Kenichi who is responsible for writing most of Momoiro Clover Z songs.

The instrumentals have the usual loud blaring electronic horns that Momoiro Clover Z features in most of their music and also has a bit of a Latin flavor to the music. The use of timbale drums, the electronic horn melody fills in the intro, and the piano lines in the verse are very reminiscent of Latin music that is very prevalent around where I live in Florida where Latin music is a very popular genre of music.

The song’s choreography is just as great as the song. The choreography features a folding fan or “sensu”. Even PASSPO got in on the fan choreography party! The use of the fan is great. Showcased by Momoka’s fan waving during her solo verse, the jumping fan wave during the chorus and you can’t forget Shiori’s fan twirling at the end of the song.

This song is everything you want in an idol song. Super catchy melodies with hilarious lyrics, super easy to just jump around to and fantastic choreography that makes every viewing of the live performance of this song leaving lasting impressions.

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