It’s All Tron’s Fault.

Hayami Akari is an amazing member of Momoiro Clover.  She was easily the stand-out of the group— being tall, weird, and half-asian with short hair among her fellow shorter, full-japanese, long-haired members.  She held the coveted role of sub-leader and was the resident rapper of all their major releases.

But now Hayami Akari from Momoiro Clover is leaving, and it’s all Atron’s fault.

Her blog post revealed that she was leaving on her own accord, and that while she loves her fellow members, felt that she was superfluous and an unnecessary member of Momoiro Clover.

It’s been said from fans who went to see Momoiro Clover that during fan meets and handshake events, Akari usually had the smallest line; this only fueled my desire to go to a Momoiro Clover event so I could at least show her my support.  That dream is now gashed, and I blame Atron, for it is the ‘Atron’s of this world that makes such things happen; leading your campaign of hate against poor girls like Akari.  IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT TRON.  IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT AND I’M GONNA PUNCH YOUR KID.


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  1. Dammit Tron.

  2. You deserved it Dae, DESERVED IT MOHAHAHA!

    Well I couldn’t care less, but I CAN PRETEND THAT I FEEL SOME EMOTION *cough*

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