Itano Tomomi’s Solo Single Sneak Peek

It was said that AKB’s fashion queen Itano Tomomi was having a solo single called ‘Dear J’ set for January 26, 2011. Being the only Itano fan among the writers here, I suppose I’ll come out and say I’m excited about this.

It makes sense considering Itano’s incredibly popular status.  Her image has more of a ‘lone wolf’ feel that fits naturally for a solo route(though I really liked ‘Elizabeth & Queen’s  ‘Love Wars’). Her voice isn’t outstanding, but her image and presence is powerful and charismatic for someone so small.

I wasn’t expecting to hear much about it but I came across this video that seems to show some clips that could be part of her PV, and possibly her song(instrumentals):

I think it’s sounding pretty good. If the song is as electro-poppy as the music playing in the latter half of the video, I think it’s a cool direction and suits Itano well. I wasn’t expecting any tidbits this soon but I’m keeping my eyes out for any more info.


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  1. I’m excited too! However the more solo stuff going on the higher the probability of them graduating. AKB48 just added eight new members. . .

  2. Adding eight new members does certainly seem to suggest some graduations in the near future.

    As for the teaser, assuming the instrumental in the latter half is a part of the single I think I’ll enjoy it a lot.

  3. Sounds good! While Itano isn’t my favorite AKB member, she is definitely the most interesting to me. I hope they keep her longer, but if she graduates she’ll have a bright future ahead.

  4. Would it be very wrong if I said that Shinoda, Maeda or Itano (Maybe Sayaka) are those that could likely be graduated (Thinking based on activity beside AKB) ?

  5. With Shinoda’s outside activities it seems like she could have graduated last year if she wanted to. I think Itano leaving could be likely, and for some reason I wouldn’t be surprised if Oshima Yuko announced her graduation sometime in 2011 either. I also have a sneaking suspicion that Sato Natsuki would be leaving soon too; maybe for SDN48 so she can be with Noro Kayo again. Maybe that’s wishful thinking :U

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