IT JUST TAKES ONE: Security Failure

On April 17th, SNSD(Shojou Jidai) was nearly finished performing ‘Run Devil Run’ at the Angel Price Music Festival in Korea, when an unknown male walked in and forcibly pulled Taeyeon off-stage.

It happened during a section of the choreography where the members were in a line, so only SNSD members Sunny and Hyoyeon(the girls directly in front of and behind Taeyeon) saw what happened; Sunny went after Taeyeon and the man, while Hyoyeon was taken aback at the situation.  It happened so suddenly that the other members didn’t know what took place until the song had finished.  You can see the host of the event intercepting, trying to stop the man until a staffer practically grapples the assailant to the ground.

The video is pretty unsettling, especially if you consider how much worse it could have been. How did that man sneak backstage and have enough time to drag Taeyeon off the stage? And why was Sunny and the host the first ones to intervene instead of security? It was a massive failure on the venue’s part.


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  1. This really is unsettling and it really could have ended up being much worse than it was. I would have thought that SNSD were a big enough act that security wouldn’t have been as lax to the point where the guy walks on stage unopposed, grabs Taeyeon then makes it all the way to the side of the stage with her before anyone stepped in to stop him.

    I’m sure this is a rare blunder when it comes to security but I’d hope lessons are learned from it so that such a worrying event doesn’t take place again in the future.

  2. Wow, was that her screaming in the video?

    In retrospect, this guy could have had a weapon of some kind and may have caused some serious harm. Fortunately, things didn’t go that far. The lack of security truly astounds me. I read that the group responsible for hosting the venue, Coupang, did a poor job of distributing tickets as well as providing security, screwing concert-goers and potentially putting SNSD in danger in the process. They’re now trying to sweep the issue under the rug and refund tickets. In the end, it’s ultimately embarrassing that the hosts of the concert were the ones who had to diffuse the situation.

  3. I’m also having a hard time understanding how bad the security is. I’m expecting some kind of follow up to this; (maybe some kind of apology?)

  4. I can’t believe that nobody stops the guy from going out on stage, then lets him drag her to the side of the stage before stopping him.

  5. The guy was dressed kinda nice. Still shouldn’t have been able to just get through like that. So casually.

  6. Hahaha, the dude was calm even when he met resistance.

    Amazing how he just came in, dragged his “daughter” (Yes, it looked like a father dragging his daughter) and then went to the ground (Probably like a boss).

  7. The look in Sunny’s eyes when she realizes what is going on is intense. Was watching other videos of the event and it’s almost alarming. Looks like (if she could’ve) she’d have snapped off someone’s wang.

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