Atron and David hate kids and found no joy from watching this video; in fact, I bet they’d punch children if it wasn’t illegal.

These videos are awesome. I like to think we were all like this as kids—being inspired from things we saw in the media and wanting to be like them. When I was that young I would re-enact movie scenes from Back to the Future or Indiana Jones using large cardboard boxes.  Mimicking K-pop dances and pretending to be a break dancer with a million fans.  It’s admiration in its purest sense; as a child you respond to these things without thinking about anything other than “that’s really really cool”.

Similarly, this girl will have AKB48 to look back to as a fond childhood memory, and that’s pretty neat.

How she improvised for her jacket not having a hoodie in the ‘Beginner’ performance is great.


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  1. Very cute. New idol in the making!?

  2. Unrelateds to the post, but damn!
    You are doing such a great job with this blog
    keep it coming

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