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I originally watched “The Wolverine” a couple years ago on an airplane and was shocked to to hear an Idol song I recognized make an appearance in the most unlikeliest of scenes.

In the movie, Hugh Jackman’s character goes to confront a government official who has information about the overarching evil scheme and coincidentally is also being unfaithful to his fiance.

For some reason, the song they chose to be playing in the background while Wolverine busts in on his sexy party was Hello Project’s “Onna, Kanashii, Otona” by Sexy Otonajan.

I guess thematically it makes sense but as an Idol fan knowing the members involved, I’ve always found the song more ironically funny than actually sexy.

But that’s just me, here’s the scene and the song so you can make your own opinion.

Dunno if y'all ever picked up on this Hello Project song cameo

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So that got me thinking, what other Idol/J-pop songs have made an appearance in popular culture?

Here what I got off the top of my head.

Perfume’s Polyrhythm in Cars 2

Sugar Rush by AKB48 in Wreck It Ralph

And the most odd and unlikely of cameos…

Ogura Yuko’s Vitamin Love in American Dad?

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I know there have got to be more, any cameos that particularly stand out in your mind?

Thank you Kai and Boykun for submitting this one.

Perfume’s Monochrome Effect in American Dad

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