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It’s time for that new Fairies release you’ve all been waiting for! Nearly four months after their last entry, ‘Tweet Dream/Sparkle’, is Fairies’ latest, ‘White Angel‘. Click below to read on and see how the final installment of Fairies for this year stacks up!



In what has been the most hectic and crowded year of idol releases in recent memory, Fairies has become a huge presence in my fandom despite having a mere three releases this year, and their latest entry ‘White Angel’ could become my favorite of them all.

My initial assumption of a pleasant, warm holiday single from Fairies was at once obliterated by thunder and lightening, with ‘White Angel’ flooding my ears with bellowing, rich electronic instrumentals and a bleeding sharp choreography that once again reshuffled my expectations of Fairies. ‘White Angel’ has a more grand scope and sensibility than anything they released before, mainly due to the impressive instrumentals and the variety of vocal work involved.  This is the cool, adrenaline-fueled winter dance song you never knew you wanted.

I would hardly categorize the final two months of the year to be a time for heart-pumping idol dance tracks but that’s exactly what Fairies brings to the table this November.  This is easily the most impressive instrumental track I’ve heard from Fairies thus far, and I’m practically jumping out of my seat for this single to release so I can dig into the “instrumentals only” version and fully bask in its synthesized glory.  While it starts out fairly standard, it builds into a brick shit house of a track that has a lively flow and ever-shifting beats.

That’s not to say the instrumentals carry the song single-handedly, as the vocals and melody give it the emotional resonance that actually makes ‘White Angel’ a Fairies song, and they pretty much own it.  The much feared use of auto-tune is still present, but just barely, especially when compared to their previous entry, ‘Tweet Dream/Sparkle’.  Though I personally didn’t mind the auto-tune from before, it was refreshing to hear their voices sing without filters.

The PV is in line with what you’ve come to expect from Fairies at this point. They all focus on performance shots, inter-cut with close ups and light scenarios. There’s a flurry of different shots that highlight the members, from the fast moving cuts and angles of the dance shots, to the slower paced solo appearances. Scenario changes, different outfits, and cinematography keeps everything moving at a brisk pace without any aspect of it entering into tedium before it finishes. If there was anything I would change, it’d be to show off even more of the spectacular dance, which, when watched in full, is endlessly captivating.

There are a few elements I could nitpick at; such as some solo singing shots where the voice singing the line doesn’t match the member shown or the obviously fake house set that it takes place in, but they don’t really impact the enjoyment all that much because the PV makes it so that the members take center stage in all aspects, and they get it done with flying colors. It’s as slick of a production as any other Fairies PV created to date: clean, fashionable and effective.

Fairies has had a fantastic year and ‘White Angel’ is ending it on a high note.   I’m left in anticipation for what’s in store come 2013, and can’t wait to see them grow even more.  For a group that’s existed for just a year, they’re making waves, and could be the start of something big.



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