Impressions: Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita


I’ve really been digging S/mileage’s last couple of releases, like “Samui ne” and “Suki yo, Junjou Hankouki” so I was a little worried about their new single, “Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita” when I saw “haru” was in the title. I attribute most springs songs to plain ballads but this song is far from it. Click “read more” to find out what I thought about the PV and song!



The PV takes place in two different sets. A clean room in a house with wooden floors that features the members in solo shots and then a dance shot in a very bright, white room with lights peaking through in the background. The wooden floor room shots are pretty standard solo shots where members are sitting around and possibly doing some thinking.


The solo shots are shot nicely but the entire PV is shot using the Japan-o-filter (the blooming white video filter). I’ve never been a fan of this technique used in Japanese PVs. I just want to see bright colors. I don’t understand why Japan loves to wash out colors from visuals. The PV doesn’t have the technical prowess but at least it doesn’t have sparkles shooting lasers into your eyes like some of the other H!P PVs pictured below.



I really enjoy the dance shots in the brightly lit room. The set in the background is simple but goes with the clean feel of the room.

The choreography of the song is nice and here are the highlights.


“Got Your Nose”


“Vicks Vapor Rub”


“Chapstick Princess”




“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”

The outfits are clean, not too flashy and easy on the eyes. The design of the skirts was an odd choice though. It seems like the outer seams of the skirts are wired to give the fluffy look. It could do without that design choice but overall, they are darn good outfits.


The only real complaint about the dance shots is the bright light seeping through the windows and members. When the members move, the lights cover them and apply another layer of Japan-o-filter. As you can see, the light covers parts of Fukuda Kanon’s face because of how bright it is.

Like I stated in the intro, S/mileage has been impressing me with their songs. They have had the injection of Tsunku electro-synth but not so much in your face as the instrumentals of Morning Musume which is a nice change up. Tsunku took a subdued approach when writing this song. Most of his synth work has been aggressive to say the least. The composition of the song is standard and starts off with the chorus which I am never a fan of but the chorus is catchy so I can get down with it. The melody of the chorus is simple but the instrumentals really help it drive the point home. The first line of the chorus is heavily supported by the bass that hits the same rhythm as the vocal melodies. It really strengthens the already catchy chorus. At the very least, you should walk away from listening to this song with the chorus somewhat stuck in your head. I like that Tsunku used the subtle string instruments instead of aggressive synth bleeps. The subtle, subdued feel of the song makes it feel like a nice little spring song.

The PV is not something you need to watch multiple times but if you can enjoy the melody of the song, it should be stuck in your head for awhile.



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