Impressions: Suki! Suki! Skip!


HKT48 seems to be all the rage among the AKS fans these days. What I’ve been clamoring for for the past year now has finally come to fruition in the form of their debut, “Suki! Suki! Skip!”. Click “read more” to find out what I thought about this PV and song!


The PV takes place on a set covered in bubbles. The set contains objects in the back that look like colorful vents that might exist in a Disney theme park. Oh, here’s my favorite friend, the white washing of colors filter, which I have dubbed, “Japan-o-filter”. I just simply do not like seeing the use of this technique in any capacity. Sorry for preferring to see the colors as they are and not with a tint over it.

The close up shots of the members are okay. I think some of the slow-motion work when the members are wearing the performance outfits made some of the members look a bit off at times.



The best shots of the PV are easily the ones where the members are having fun with each other wearing the jump suits, such as Murashige annoying other people and being Sheegs.




Some of the better member shots in the PV.


The dance shots are pretty simple in that they are just far away shots of the members dancing in the same set but wearing different outfits. The choreography is pretty forgettable.


Don’t tell me them skipping is awesome because we all knew that was going to be a part of the choreography as soon as they announced the title of the song.


I kinda liked the imaginary/transparent chalkboard Sasshi draws on and I’ve always enjoyed Sasshi with glasses.


The members are also wearing super colorful outfits that are like pajama jump suits. Each member is wearing all the colors of the rainbow which can be pretty intense on the eyes. Those are some crazy forearm protectors. Looks like something used at a car wash to really get the dirt out.


The performance outfits are much cleaner and lighter in color. I definitely prefer the performance outfits and I actually like them quite a bit.


Meru launches herself into the air by propelling herself off of a button that destroys the world.


Towards the end of the PV, Meru decides to ascend from center status in hopes of reaching Jesus status like Maeda Atsuko.

The song itself is very AKS sounding. Which is why I think that this song feels like a hyped up Under Girls song. That statement is not a slight at all. I enjoy most of the Under Girls songs and this song is no different and this is pretty much what I expected HKT to do for their first release. What separates this song from the other songs that have the same feel is the added random vocals and the girls yelling in parts of the song. Without the dude at the end of the chorus yelling, “one, two, suki, skip” or the members yelling, “waku, waku” in the bridge, this song would have been another Under Girls song for me. I’m glad the composer decided to use those vocals. Even those two small instances added that much more personality to the song for me. I also really enjoyed the composition of the pre-chorus. The rhythm of the instrumentals has a really throwback feel and I had no idea that something like that would be included in this song and took me by surprise. Besides a couple of interesting composition choices, the song is pretty standard and decently catchy. The melodies of the song are fine but nothing that will really haunt you in terms of catchiness.

“Suki! Suki! Skip!” is a good debut by HKT48. This release didn’t really surprise or wow me. I pretty much expected everything that happened with this release but in the end, it’s still solid.



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