Impressions: Science Girl Silence Boy

Another one of Sakura Gakuin’s sub-units get a single release! This time, it’s the Kagaku-bu (Science Club)!

Sakura Gakuin’s Science Club gives us this very calm, soothing pop-tune that has a certain mysterious feel to it and a funky PV to go along with it. The PV involves the science club in a classroom setting and being involved with green screened science references.

The girls are taking a science test but need a little bit of help so they summon mini, scientist versions of themselves to teach them science when the teacher administering the test falls asleep.

The green screen work for the most part is clean and colorful and interesting to look at. There are fun concepts like the members with the litmus paper on their glasses, the members breaking out of beakers, the teacher falling asleep and emitting CO2 as he falls asleep.

There are certain visual elements that remind me of 70’s style science videos. The funny thing is that these visual are reflected in the lyrics. The part where the lyrics mention “heat reaction” and “the gaze” is represented with this visualization which is quite clever. The concepts of the lyrics tying into the scientific visuals are an added bonus.

The choreography from what little we see of it looks very good. Very memorable moves and fits the song perfectly. The “moving boxes” that the members create with their arms during the chorus seems to be the signature move for this song.

They incorporate the touching of the glasses to hit the point home of us glasses wearing people being smart (not really).

All of a sudden, during the last chorus of the song, “Japanese Einstein” who is just the teacher dressed up starts tearing up the dance floor with the mini-scientist versions of the members.

As you call tell from the ton of screen caps I posted, this PV is very visually intriguing and will stay interesting even after multiple viewings.

While I was working on this review, I got a sudden urge to listen to U2. I think it has to do with the guitar work in this song. The intro guitar riffs are FANTASTIC. The clean delayed echo of the guitar is reminiscent of U2’s guitarist, Edge’s style of play. Plenty of guitarists have used this effect on guitar but the first guitarist I thought of off the top of my head was Edge from U2. You would think with a science-themed song, the instrumentals would be more electronic but the instrumentals sound very authentic for the most part and do a good job in realizing the feel of the song that the guitar riff creates in the intro. If the rest of the instrumentals besides the guitar had a more electronic feel to it, it definitely would not have reminded me of U2.

Although the song does not pack a lot of punch or hook you with super catchy melodies, the vocal work matches the melodies very well and the layered vocal harmonies in the verse are full in volume and help strengthen this very soothing song. The harmonies in the chorus are also powerful and make sure that you will be humming the chorus after listening to the song. The harmonies are the best especially the parts where the memebers say, “science girl” and “silence boy” in the chorus.

The PV and song are both very good. I did not expect this much quality and was pleasantly surprised by both aspects. Sakura Gakuin, keep it up with the sub-units! BABYMETAL and the Science Club are fantastic!



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