Impressions: Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimitachiyo

Finally! A new single from Momoiro Clover Z! I’ve waited too long for this!

Since the start of the year, Momoclo has gotten away from their roots of electro-anime opening theme song style music that we’ve all become accustomed to. Frankly, that is the Momoclo sound that drew most of us Momoclo fans to Momoclo in the first place. Momoclo started out with the space opera, metal song, “Mugen no Ai”. Then they followed that up with the classic idol-pop sounding, “Otome Sensou” and then they bring to us, “Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimitachiyo”. This song is written by the famed musician Hotei Tomoyasu, known for his solo activities and his tenure in the 80’s rock band, “Boowy”.

Let’s delve into what this song and PV is about!



With maturing sound, comes maturing visuals. Wait, did the visuals mature here? I feel like this PV is just the classic, “Alice” concept done wrong. The CG graphics are clean and well-done but what is truly criminal are the choices that were made in the making of this PV. The most egregious of the crimes are the costumes and wigs.

Yes, Momoclo has always had questionable outfits but this has to top them all. I’d rather see the members wear a vinyl coat more than what I believe to be short, Victorian inspired dresses and excessively large wigs.

The visuals suggest the fight between good vs. evil by having Momoclo members switch their outfits from black and white at random points of the song. What could have hit the point home about good vs. evil would have been the changing of the outfits as the lyrics contemplate the choice between good and evil and not at random parts of the song.

The overall direction of the PV is pretty much people thinking that throwing in every idea they ever have is a good idea. The outfits, wigs, the light up dresses, laser beams, connected wigs, and the red couch. Are Momoclo’s other PVs a clusterfuck of ideas like this one? Absolutely! The issue here is that the ideas were poorly executed and the ideas that were thrown in didn’t work well together for me.

Am I surprised that the PV was disappointing considering that the PV director is the man responsible for the giant beaver abomination from AKB48’s “Kaze wa Fuiteiru”? No.

The change in musical style has brought about a change in the choreography as well. It is definitely not as energetic as the previous Momoclo choreographies but I believe that is just a reflection on the song and not a separate choreography direction. The choreography for Momoclo these days are lax and less technical and not as detailed and intense as previous song choreographies.

While the overall sound of Momoclo is changing, at the core, it is still Momoclo with the vocal baton passing between the members, wacky, tongue twister like rhythm, and random vocal break downs. The verse is the usual Momoclo style of energetic, interruption-style vocal line distribution with the members jumping in every other line. The play on good and evil is great when the lines are split between the members. The chorus, like “Otome Sensou” is a tad bit flat but has a nice, catchy, melody underneath the surface. It might take some time to dig its claws in but when it does, I think you’ll be humming the melody for awhile.

The instrumentals are very straightforward. Nothing out of the ordinary. I was wondering if the instrumentals were going to sound more like a live band playing considering Hotei wrote the song but the instruments sound more electronic due to the use of the electro-pop sounds and random bleeps and bloops. Hotei Tomoyasu still leaves an impression as parts of the guitar licks in the song leave a very strong impression. Especially the riffs and fills during Kanako and Shiori’s solos. The song still reeks of Momoclo and I am pretty excited about the direction they are headed in musically.

Overall, the PV does not do the song justice. I’m afraid that the people will judge the total WTF of a PV and will let that affect their enjoyment of the song that will grow on you like these plants when it plants its seed in you…



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