Impressions: Sakura Komachi

vlcsnap-2013-02-16-00h01m22s52_600x338       PASSPO was one of the more impressive idol groups of last year and I could not wait until their first 2013 release came out. Let me tell you what I think of the newest release, “Sakura Komachi”.



The PV starts off with Okunaka Makoto crying.  Y U MAKE MAKOTO CRY!?


For some reason the PV director decided to include solo shots of the members, which are oddly shot with the members implied to be naked under the sheets that they are covering themselves with. Quite the suggestive approach for PASSPO. Although the implied nudity under the sheets approach is quite jarring, the other shots of the PV are wonderful.


The dance shots with the blue sakura petals showering the brightly lit members are very pretty and the blue sakura petals goes along nicely with the members’ outfits. I have to say that the outfits for this song will be a contender for “Outfit of the Year” for the 2013 End of the Year Awards.

The shots with the black background and spotlights showering the members are bright and always keeping the eyes moving around and focusing on different members. I usually do not enjoy lights flashing into my eyes but I can tolerate actual lights flashing into my cornea and not artificially generated glitter sparkles that are added in post-production. The fact that these shots do not span the entire PV helps as well.


Once again, PASSPO wins in the choreography category. PASSPO’s choreography in the chorus always leaves an impression and contain many memorable dance moves.


“The Gumby”

bsns guns

“Business Guns”


“The Sideways Stroll”

girls plz

“The Double Girl Please”

The song has your typical idol pop-rock sound. The instrumentals are nothing to write home about but do a decent enough job to support the song. There are some guitar fills that add some flavor but most of the instrumentals are pretty standard. The song is pretty middling and tame compared to PASSPO’s 2012 releases. The verse does not have any particularly memorable melodies or lines. The pre-chorus suffers from the same fate. There is one redeeming factor and that is the vocal inflection in the chorus. Aside from that, the chorus is somewhat forgettable too. Maybe the composer knew this going in and added that little vocal inflection to grab my attention for even just a second.

A slight disappointment for me coming off such a great 2012 campaign for PASSPO. The PV is decent but I have to dock the PV for the inclusion of bed sheet solo shots of the members. This song could turn out to be quite forgettable, middling and uninspired unless you find yourself a redeeming factor like I did.





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