Impressions: Otona Jelly Beans

We’re finally getting around to reviewing everyone’s favorite cyborg; Watanabe Mayu’s latest PV for her new single “Otana Jelly Beans”. Will it be a home run or a swing and a miss? Read on to hear our impressions.



I’m one of the only guys at NSK that really enjoyed Watanabe Mayu’s first single, “Synchro Tokemeki” (might be in my top 10 at the end of the year) and was excited to hear that she was putting another single out only 4 months after her previous release. Here are my thoughts!

The first thing you notice with “Otona Jelly Beans” is that it is yet another typical AKS-sounding release. The melody of the instrumentals and the vocals in the chorus remind me of “Bokuga Mousukoshi Daitannara” which is the B-side by Akagumi from “Nagiichi” by NMB48, which reminds me of “Kimi no Senaka” by Undergirls in the “Kaze wa Fuiteiru” single. I have a hard time giving this one any props for its creativity. The funny thing is, I like “Kimi no Senaka” and “Bokuga Mousukoshi Daitannara” a lot but the melody for this song is just not as catchy and falls flat. The instrumentals are nothing outstanding and is your typical AKS sounding instrumentals. If you enjoy everything and anything AKS-related, I think you’ll enjoy this song.

The PV on the other “hand” is a nice little PV. Very simple with Mayu doing mindless things in a pink room. I mean come on, who wouldn’t mind seeing Mayu doing random stuff in a room? COME ON, JUST LOOK AT HER! The fun thing here is that she has magic gloves that leaves a trail of gloves and has the ability to keep moving without Mayu’s hands being in it. I thought that this is neat effect in the PV. It has a very Disney feel and feels like a throwback to Disney’s “Fantasia”. The PV features nice pastel colors and keeps me interested with all the stuff the gloves can do. COME ON SHE EVEN DOES THE OSHIRI THING WHILE HER HANDLESS GLOVES ARE SPANKING ITSELF.

I think the PV is much better than the song and I was hoping for something a little more catchy. I think Mayu will be doing this stereotypical idol music until she’s done being an idol, which is perfectly fine with me but I was hoping that “Otona Jelly Beans” would be a little more attention grabbing as a song.





Those who know me can tell you I prefer my idols to not be childish, or children for that matter. Therefore, Watanabe Mayu has never been high on my AKS member rankings. Now that Watanabe is undergoing somewhat of an image makeover to set herself up for a coup of AKS’ top spot, she has become a new blip on my radar. Her debut single synchro tokimeki surprised me and gave me high hopes for her follow-up.

Otona jelly beans turns out to be safer than the preceding single. It’s almost as if her first single didn’t have enough cuteness, so they had to overcompensate for that this time around. Gone are the trumpets, the electric guitar solo, and the enchanting progression. This time around, we get a straightforward melody with pianos and bells/chimes, which is more in line with typical idol music. As negative as the changes sound, they all play on Mayuyu’s strengths. The instruments match well with her cutesy voice, and she is no longer stretching outside of her vocal range. The lyrics, from what I can tell, are also typical idol fare, as they’re about becoming an adult upon a first kiss. All this, combined with a catchy chorus, it becomes an enjoyable tune.

The PV also underwent the same cuteness overload as the song. No story/drama this time around. Just Mayuyu in a room doing with lots of pastel colors doing her cute thing. There are some closeup shots of her in front of a candy background thrown in the mix, but they are quite forgettable. In the PV, Mayuyu goes from shot to shot with random actions like pounding boxing gloves together, spinning a hat, and watering a plant. Once she gets a few repetitions in, she steps out of the way to reveal a duplicate of the objects still at it, like magic! By the end of the PV, the room is littered with gloves and shoes bouncing about, not unlike how vanity websites looked back in the late 90’s.

Bright and colorful idol PV’s are always welcome in my book, but this one isn’t my cup of tea. It’s probably because I haven’t jumped on the Mayuyu bandwagon yet. So, I’d say it is perfect for all the Mayuyu fans out there, especially for those who think Mayuyu would be cute even doing the most mundane things like clipping her toenails. The duplicating effect is gimmicky, but interesting enough to not be bored by the end. But I’m glad they kept it simple, just like the song.

Although I’m slightly disappointed that this song took the safe route, I think otona jelly beans is a solid effort and is an above-average idol song. As much as idol groups have been blurring the lines of the genre lately, there’s still a place for the idols who are just cute and showcase it. And that’s where Mayuyu shines.



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