Impressions: My Graduation Toss

vlcsnap-2013-03-02-10h37m36s214_600x338 Did you hear? Nakamoto Suzuka of Sakura Gakuin is graduating? We will continue to see her in BABYMETAL but her departure from Sakura Gakuin is imminent. Hit “read more” to find out what I think of this graduation release!

As you would have guessed, the PV features a lot of Nakamoto Suzuka and rightfully so.

This PV is shot extremely clean from a technical standpoint. They had a good video camera and used it well. No weird film treatment, no VFX, no odd camera shots, etc. The director had a vision for the PV and stuck with it. The vision is the “classic” graduation song at school theme. Though a tired concept, the PV is well-shot with good accompanying shots of members in the empty auditorium, music room, classroom and other places in a school campus. My favorite shots have to be of the members in the tiny music room.

I am a huge stickler of people who don’t know how to play instruments pretending to play instruments. The Sakura Gakuin members did a very good job mimicking the movement of musicians and the director shot those scenes well to not focus on the playing of the instruments but the members. The lack of technique or accuracy of what notes they were pretending to play did not stick out like a sore thumb due to the camera work not focusing on the instrument playing but focusing on the members playing the instruments if you can understand what I’m trying to say here.

There were a couple of interesting choreography moves in the PV.

“The Come On Over”

The PV opens up with Nakamoto Suzuka waving girls over from her right and left. This sequence reminded me of the rope pulling move that W Matsui do in the “Kiss Datte Hidarikiki” intro.

“Music Box”

The lyrics in the chorus reference a music box and the members point at their heads and spin in place like a music box.

vlcsnap-2013-03-02-10h40m19s65_600x338“The Cowgirl”

“Rockin’ Guitar”

Yes, that classic move of going back and forth between the left and right foot and air-guitaring.

vlcsnap-2013-03-02-10h45m09s115_600x338There were also a lot of charming shots including a Jimi Hendrix reference.

vlcsnap-2013-03-02-10h45m33s131_600x338The best reference of all. Yui with a guitar and with the “kitsune”, the BABYMETAL version of rock horns.

vlcsnap-2013-03-02-10h43m21s92_600x338What’s a graduation song and PV without a scene of girls dressed in school uniforms running through the halls of the school!?

vlcsnap-2013-03-02-10h46m53s162_600x338One of the closing scenes of the PV features the members saying goodbye.

When I first heard the title, “My Graduation Toss” I had no idea what to expect lyrically but the writer somehow managed to squeeze the title into the lyrics in the chorus which worked really well in the end.

The song itself is a really solid song with J-pop-punk flavors. The verse melody reminds me of the verse melodies in “New Ship” by AKB48 Special Girls A. It certainly is not a negative since the composer created a melody different enough for me to differentiate between the two.

This song has the energy that comes with an up-tempo rock sound and harnesses it well. Nakamoto Suzuka’s solo lines are great. This song isn’t a song to showoff your pipes but we can clearly see that Suzuka is a very talented singer. “My Graduation Toss” is the perfect send off song for her.

The PV and song for “My Graduation Toss” is a great package. If you aren’t already following Sakura Gakuin and you enjoyed this song, your time has come to start following this group. This is one of the better graduation releases I’ve heard and seen in awhile.






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  1. Oh wow – that last pic the girl looks like Paruru a bit.

    Baby Metal looks a wee bit too Loli for my tastes but I haven’t heard anything bad about them – I’ll look forward to seeing them perform…when they’re “older”.

    I love how you give names to the “moves” (Music Box, the Gumby, ect)

    My Condolences on your Graduation Loss.

  2. Well I think a fair few people know my love for this song, admittedly a lot of that might come from my ire over So Long! being what it is and this being my happy alternative.

    But putting aside my AKB rage this is actually a good song, I love the pop-punk style and this song is a really solid take on the genre and of course it suits Nakamoto Suzuka well, her voice is given a chance to shine here (in fact a lot of the girls sound good singing this style) and generally she takes this chance making us (well at least me) feel as though we will miss her from the group, and that really is a good thing.

    The PV is solid too, It is what it is, it does not try to be something it’s not and it benefits from it, sure it’s not going to win original PV of the year but what it does it does well (with fitting BABYMETAL tribute) a good mixture of dance and close up scenes mixed in with some nice shots from the “music room” and other such places

    Overall I really like this release and it’s a fitting end to Suzuka’s time in Sakura Gakuin and is a refreshing change from the rather pretentious AKB release. I would recommend you buy it, you will not be disappointed! (Magic Melody and MEZASE!SUPERLADY the B sides are pretty good song too!)

  3. Yoshi, you have to stop riding Maeda Ami about her guitar licks in the ENP PV. I assure you, she was rocking out a massive rest while off-camera Katayama Haruka was playing an EPIC drum solo.

    This is my story and I am sticking to it.

    On the actual topic, I am glad that Suzuka will be staying in Baby Metal, because she holds the roof up over there. (Throws a Kitsune)

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