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Brand-new Idol Society release their new single “DiE” this week. Join me as I take a look at the PV for the single’s b-side titled “Mura-Mura”.


Oh boy, where do we even begin with this one. Every time I think I’ve just about seen it all from BiS they surprise me with some kind of wacky and outlandish concept. They didn’t disappoint here either with both the PV and song for “Mura-Mura” (I’ll let you look up the meaning by yourself, you’re all big kids now) being suitably quirky and……unique? Yeah, let’s go with unique I guess. You’ll see what I mean if you keep reading.


The PV starts off with leader Pour Lui getting a nice new haircut…..maybe haircut isn’t the right word. Basically from what I can tell she’s getting “patched in” to a group of skinhead punks played by the other members of BiS.


Then we cut to some stealthy stalking action. With Pour and Tenten in hot pursuit of their target.


Next level creeper technology is in play here folks. Up until now, things have been fairly normal I suppose. For a BiS PV anyway. Well, that’s not going to last I’m afraid.


HOLY VAGINA MONSTER BATMAN! Uhh, I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure if your downstairs is that angry you should probably go get it checked out. That or call in the Ghostbusters or something because that shit looks haunted.




*Insert a nice little selection of footage of “instrument playing” and messing around in front of the camera here.*


Objective secured (and we’re back to whatever narrative this PV is supposed to have). The question is though: What are they going to do with him?


YEAH! WE’RE GONNA TIE HIM UP AND……pour ladles of hot tomato soup all over his back??? YEAH! THAT’S WHAT WE’RE GONNA DO!




Err……that’s one way to react to all of this I guess. Can’t say I’d do the same but sure, more power to you man. I’d also suggest that they probably called in a…..stunt-double for this part.


Yes, these screenshots did come from an idol group’s PV. I didn’t really have to show them but I just wanted to make you all as uncomfortable as possible and possibly get you in trouble at work or something.


The PV ends with with more performance shots and the members roaming the streets, no doubt looking for their next target.

A review of the PV? What exactly do you want me to critique here? Why would you even care about the quality of lighting, camera angles, special effects and all of that nonsense when the PV is just fucking hilarious? I could be critical of the fact that instruments aren’t being played, the haunted vagina thing being in poor taste or whatever else you’re all hating on right now. Instead, I’m just going to go watch it a few more times and enjoy myself.

That is, after I’ve talked about the song which I’ve somehow avoided mentioning in any kind of detail up until now.

In case you can’t guess from some of the screenshots I posted above, there’s a horn section in this song (and the title is a fantastic play on words reflecting this fact). That’s because this is a Ska song (your definition of Ska may vary) which I don’t think I ever thought BiS would tackle. The song is produced by Tsuda Noriaki of the Japanese Ska band Kemuri and as someone who is a fan of Ska, I like it a lot.

The instrumental arrangement is fairly typical of a lot of Ska songs so there’s a familiarity to the song that makes it easy to latch onto. If you’ve heard any kind of Ska song in the past then this shouldn’t be too difficult to get your head around.

The horn section is the most important part of a Ska song (stating the obvious I know) so I was pleased that they got that part done right. It creates the majority of the song’s hook so it was vitally important that BiS didn’t try to innovate just to try to do something different. They stuck with arrangements that are known to work well and it paid off for them.

I think the song is good overall, however there are parts of the song where the instruments drown out the vocals, particularly in the chorus. I’m not sure if this is intentional or not but I’m not a big fan of it. It detracts a little bit from the song but not enough to impact my enjoyment too greatly.

I’m not sure why anyone would hate this song or PV, maybe you just don’t like fun? If that’s the case then please carry on not enjoying anything that isn’t super serious idol music. While you’re doing that, I’ll be over here skanking to BiS and I invite everyone else to join me.



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