Impressions: Kono Hi no Chime wo Wasurenai (ALL 63 Solo PV’s)

Well, this was a challenging post to write and edit. But I wanted to give out the impressions I had as I watched through all the PV’s. I wasn’t very in-depth with each PV obviously but I gave a brief impression on every single one. If you don’t feel like looking at a wall of pictures and just want to see my thoughts and score, just scroll down to the very bottom. If you see any mistakes, please feel free to tell me; I’m not too great with lesser known SKE members.

Oya Masana “Choko no Yukue” 大矢真那「チョコの行方」

We got Oya Masana dipping herself in chocolate. Kind of a weird start but I can dig it. It’s somewhat entertaining?
Kato Rumi “Dareka no Sei ni wa Shinai” 加藤るみ「誰かのせいにはしない」

Kato Rumi staring at the camera. It’s a fairly typical PV but oh well. She does sing this song quite nicely.
Kizaki Yuria “Okami to Pride” 木崎ゆりあ「狼とプライド」

It’s Kizaki Yuria playing with puppets and looking cute. If you like her, you’re going to love this PV.
Kito Momona “Hohoemi no Positive Thinking” 鬼頭桃菜「微笑みのポジティブシンキング」

I love these cat ears actually. I MEAN THEY MOVE BY THEMSELVES. This is a fan service PV so it’s of course quite enjoyable.
Kinoshita Yukiko “Omoide Ijou” 木下有希子「思い出以上」

This girl looks absolutely freaking fantastic in this PV. It’s your typical PV for this type of song but Yukiko fans should love it.
Kuwabara Mizuki “Onna no Ko no Dairokkan” 桑原みずき「女の子の第六感」

Um…pedobear? This is a bit of a weird one. Like something I’d watch on a kid’s show airing at 4 in the morning. I suppose it’s okay.
Suga Nanako “1! 2! 3! 4! Yoroshiku!” 菅なな子「1!2!3!4! ヨロシク!」

Hashire! Yea. That sums up this PV. But I have to admit I kind of like the way she says “1, 2, 3, 4”
Suda Akari “Doubt!” 須田亜香里「Doubt!」

Ballet! This is absolutely perfect for Akarin. However, it’s kind of boring but I suppose if you like this sort of thing…
Takada Shiori “Banzai Venus” 高田志織「バンザイVenus」

I found this PV absolutely hilarious. She starts off just blankly eating noodles then suddenly HIGH ENERGY. LET’S MAKE NOODLES. Great stuff.
Deguchi Aki “Tooku ni Itemo” 出口陽「遠くにいても」

Ballad PV. Meh. Not really my type of thing.
Nakanishi Yuka “Rope no Yuujou” 中西優香「ロープの友情」

YEA. PAPER CUTOUT NAKANISHI. This is pretty good. This really fits her. I’m glad they went this direction with her.
Hirata Rikako “Koi wo Kataru Shinjin ni Narenakute 平田璃香子「恋を語る詩人になれなくて」

She’s the lead singer of a band, guys! This PV’s pretty good. She looks great out in front.
Hiramatsu Kanako “Daisuki” 平松可奈子「大好き」

This fits Kanako. Really cute song, cute PV, and cute girl. I found this quite enjoyable.
Matsui Jurina “Glory days” 松井珠理奈「Glory days」

This is quite good. I mean it’s a bit simple but it really works for this song.
Matsui Rena “Kareha no Station” 松井玲奈「枯葉のステーション」

Rena in an antique shop. I don’t really like these kinds of PV’s but I must admit it really fits Rena and the song.
Yagami Kumi “Hanabi wa Owaranai” 矢神久美「花火は終わらない」

JUST LOOK AT HER. I really like the art direction they went with the slow motion fireworks. It really works.
Akaeda Ririna “Aitakatta” 赤枝里々奈「会いたかった」

This is absolutely hilarious. I really recommend you all to watch this. I MEAN LOOK AT THEIR FACES WHEN SHE KNOCKS THEM DOWN.
Abiru Riho “Bazooka Hou Hassha!” 阿比留李帆「バズーカ砲発射!」

This PV’s kind of simple. Just her jumping and the usual choreo. It’s okay, I guess.
Iguchi Shiori “Goukan Kiss” 井口栞里「合格Kiss」

I don’t really have much to say. Just her playing some sports. I mean whatever…
Ishida Anna “Usotsuki na Dachou” 石田安奈「嘘つきなダチョウ」

I really like the shadow work in this. It was a really good idea and made a very enjoyable experience.
Ogiso Shiori “Kamoku na Tsuki” 小木曽汐莉「寡黙な月」

Kaleidoscope PV. I suppose it fits the song but not really much here to watch.
Kato Tomoko “Nice to meet you!” 加藤智子「Nice to meet you!」

Some RanRan inspiration? Well, except for the “being good” part. This PV has Kato Tomoko playing some golf rather poorly. But it’s cute and I’m happy to see her enjoy herself.
Goto Risako “Antenna” 後藤理沙子「アンテナ」

Some strange special effects in the beginning with the pictures. This entire PV is based off the gimmick she does with the picture frame. She’s looking absolutely adorable in this PV.
Sato Seira “Pinocchio Gun” 佐藤聖羅「ピノキオ軍」

Sato Seira on the beach with a Pinocchio boyfriend? I approve. It’s a real quirky and fan-service-y PV but it’s funny and quite adorable.
Sato Mieko “Gomen ne, SUMMER” 佐藤実絵子「ごめんね、SUMMER」

This is awfully boring. It’s basically Sato Mieko at places staring at the camera. Might be enjoyable for her oshis but kind of boring for me.
Takayanagi Akane “Omatase Set list” 高柳明音「お待たせSet list」

Churi in a bird boat with a bird’s nest on her head? How appropriate. I really like this PV although it’s a bit strange.
Hata Sawako “Ramune no Nomikata” 秦佐和子「ラムネの飲み方」

Shawako trying to go for the mature, faux nudity look. In my opinion, it doesn’t really work for her and she looks kind of silly. Sure she’s an older member but I don’t really associate maturity with her.
Furukawa Airi “Bungee Sengen” 古川愛李「バンジー宣言」

I really like this song. I really like Furukawa. This PV is a bit strange. It depeicts Airin as some kind of superhero beating badguys with a cat. But it’s awfully cute and I think it works for her.’
Matsumoto Rina “Cross” 松本梨奈「クロス

This is your stereotypical “power” PV with waterfall and all. This PV is actually quite boring. It’s something you’ve seen a million times in non-AKS PV’s.
Mukaida Manatsu “Finland Miracle” 向田茉夏「フィンランド・ミラクル」

Another boring stereotypical PV. You got Mukaida in her school uniform walking through fields and stuff with thought bubbles and such. Her dancing by herself is quite cute, though.
Yakata Miki “Aishiteraburu!” 矢方美紀「アイシテラブル!」

Wow. This is good. Kokoro Doki Doki attack fuel. You got Yakata looking mad cute playing in a pool by herself. I quite like this. One of the cutest PV’s in the collection.
Yamada Reika “Winning Ball” 山田澪花「ウイニングボール」

HNNNNGGGG. Starts off with her taking off clothing and putting on a cute as balls cheerleading costume. Not as much dancing as I’d like but hey, she looks great.
Isohara Kyoka “Junjou Shugi” 磯原杏華「純情主義」

DAMN. Apparently, this is some commentary on her evil side vs. her innocent side. It’s quite an entertaining PV and she looks fantastic in that black dress.
Ueno Kasumi “Mizu no nai Pool” 上野圭澄「水のないプール」

Another ballad PV but it at least keeps it fresh by having her in a wild assortment of outfits. Must have been a pain to change in and out of all these costumes.
Uchiyama Mikoto “Ame no Pianist” 内山命「雨のピアニスト」

I know nothing of kenkyuusei but this girl is quite pretty. The PV creeps me out slightly though… Just that haunting look and her heavy makeup. Urgh. Going for the dark look in this PV but it did make me take notice of this member.
Umemoto Madoka “Koe ga Kasureru Kurai” 梅本まどか「声がかすれるくらい」

Kaneko Shiori “Hazumisaki” 金子栞「羽豆岬」

Big fan of this member. But boring PV. I mean teeth brushing? …
Kimoto Kanon “Tenshi no Shippo” 木本花音「天使のしっぽ」

Ah, the love letter PV. This is super duper wuper cute. A nice PV that makes you d’awww and really fits Kanon’s image.
Kobayashi Ami “Aozora Kataomoi” 小林亜実「青空片想い」

Oh, I personally love these unrequited love PVs. Her imaginings on her perfect approach are absolutely adorable.
Saito Makiko “Shoujo wa Manatsu ni Nani wo Suru?” 斉藤真木子「少女は真夏に何をする?」

Puppet Makiko? Her groping her breast? OK… I suppose this is commentary on Japanese education turning people into study-focused robots. Or it could just be a weird PV. Take it however you want.
Sakai Mei “Tokimeki no Ashioto” 酒井萌衣「ときめきの足跡」

I don’t know this member very well. But this is an awfully pleasant PV. Watching her cook outside…for some reason is actually quite enjoyable.
Shibata Aya “Pareo wa Emerald” 柴田阿弥「パレオはエメラルド」

SHE BATS HER EYES YAH?! One of Yoshi’s favorites. This PV is comprised of Shibata walking through the botanical garden with an oversized emerald given to her by a bipedal rabbit. Weird but hey, we get a good look at her gigantic eyes and that’s all that matters, right?
Takagi Yumana “Seishun wa Hazukashii” 高木由麻奈「青春は恥ずかしい」

I like this song a lot but it’s just her with a bunch of middle-aged cheerleaders. Ain’t much to see here.

Takeuchi Mai “Papa wa Kirai” 竹内舞「パパは嫌い」

Another innocence vs. sexy PV. It’s a bit more of the same but I have to admit she looks great made up.
Tsuzuki Rika “Inochi no Tsukaimichi” 都築里佳「命の使い道」

Rikachu! We got her looking emotionless with a girl with a paper bag over her head. Artistic? Sure. Does it make sense? Well, not to me. I didn’t really pay attention to this PV honestly.
Hara Minami “Oki Doki” 原望奈美「オキドキ」

The first thing I took notice: this girl’s got an amazing voice. I really like this even though it’s really simple.
Furuhata Nao “Te wo Tsunaginagara” 古畑奈和「手をつなぎながら」

Got her in a dectective’s outfit running around. Quite cute
Yamashita Yukari “Pajama Drive” 山下ゆかり「パジャマドライブ」

PAJAMA DRIVVVEEEEEEEEEE! From what I can tell, this seems to be shot in reverse and played forwards. This is really creative. I like this.
Ichino Narumi “PARTY ga Hajimaru yo” 市野成美「PARTYが始まるよ」

This PV makes me feel kind of lonely for some reason. I mean the girl is having a party with no one but manikins. But it is quite a cute PV.
Inuzaka Asana “Cosmos no Kioku” 犬塚あさな「コスモスの記憶」

This is quite fun. I MEAN SHE’S LEVITATING GUYS. But seriously, not much going on here. It’s an okay PV.
Iwanaga Tsugumi “Kizashi” 岩永亞美「兆し」

Typical PV with nothing much going on. Not much to say about this.
Ego Yuna “SKE48” 江籠裕奈「SKE48」

Ah, I like this mad idol scientist motif. Although, the random unrelated equations on paper bothered me a bit but whatever.
Owaki Arisa “Romance Rocket” 大脇有紗「ロマンスロケット」

A lot of leg in this PV. I suppose she’s supposed to be a swim manager. It’s a fun song but the PV’s kind of whatever.
Ogino Risa “Mangekyou” 荻野利沙「万華鏡」

Helmet cam PV in the beginning then it turns into a photoshoot. This actually isn’t too bad.  She changes from her uniform to a very girly outfit which she looks incredibly great in. This is okay.
Kobayashi Emiri “Namida no Shounan” 小林絵未梨「涙の湘南」

Kind of boring, really. I don’t really have much to say. It’s her walking and stuff. Yeah.
Niidoi Sayaka “Tsuyoki mono yo” 新土居沙也加「強き者よ」

GIANT SAYAKA. Well, besides that twist, it really is just her staring at the mic and singing.
Hioki Miki “Koi no PLAN” 日置実希「恋のPLAN」

Oh, I like this. A perspective trick PV. Some neat tricks in this PV.
Fujimoto Mitsuki “Kataomoi Finally” 藤本美月「片想いFinally」

It’s her looking sleepy and crying a bit at the end. I guess she’s listening to the song or something?
Futamura Haruka “Chime wa LOVE SONG” 二村春香「チャイムはLOVE SONG」

SKE Hiragana flashcards? I would like to buy some of these please. This is quite creative. Really left an impression on me and I might look into this member some more.
Matsumura Kaori “Aozora no Soba ni Ite” 松村香織「青空のそばにいて」

This is just another pleasant but boring PV. Just her walking through some park.
Mizuno Honoka “Disco Houkenshitsu” 水埜帆乃香「ディスコ保健室」

Building a paper house. And disco lights. Not much to see here.
Miyamae Ami “Glass no I LOVE YOU” 宮前杏実「ガラスのI LOVE YOU」

This PV makes me nervous. She’s on some balance beam on a highrise building. It’s really scary to me. But besides that, there really isn’t much going on here.
Yamada Mizuho “Me ga Itai Kurai Hareta Sora” 山田みずほ「目が痛いくらい晴れた空」

Singing on a beach. Not much to see here, folks.


Recommended PV’s:

Takada Shiori “Banzai Venus” 高田志織「バンザイVenus

Nakanishi Yuka “Rope no Yuujou” 中西優香「ロープの友情

Matsui Jurina “Glory days” 松井珠理奈「Glory days

Yagami Kumi “Hanabi wa Owaranai” 矢神久美「花火は終わらない

Ishida Anna “Usotsuki na Dachou” 石田安奈「嘘つきなダチョウ

Sato Seira “Pinocchio Gun” 佐藤聖羅「ピノキオ軍

Yakata Miki “Aishiteraburu!” 矢方美紀「アイシテラブル!

Hara Minami “Oki Doki” 原望奈美「オキドキ

Yamashita Yukari “Pajama Drive” 山下ゆかり「パジャマドライブ

Futamura Haruka “Chime wa LOVE SONG” 二村春香「チャイムはLOVE SONG

Akaeda Ririna “Aitakatta” 赤枝里々奈「会いたかった」


My Overall Thoughts:

Well, I used a lot of the phrase “not much to see here.”  The PV collection was a bit of a bore to watch through considering how many of the PV’s were just “girls at places doing stuff.” The fact is that the creative talent was obviously stretched out between the 63 PV’s so a lot of them were a bit unimaginative. However, a lot of them were actually very creative despite the limitations.  This was a good idea in general because it gives each girl the chance to have their own solo and was probably a big confidence booster for them. I can always support something that gives underrated members a chance at the spotlight.



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