Impressions: Kimi ga Anohi Waratteita Imi wo.


Ono Erena’s participation in AKB48 was a little bit before my time in the fandom and I’ve always had the idea that if Ono Erena was still in AKB48 today, she would have been a strong contender to be my oshimen. One of my true regrets of becoming an AKB48 fan late is that I didn’t get to see Ono Erena during her tenure in the group. “Kimi ga Anohi Waratteita Imi wo.” is her 4th solo single so hit “read more” to find out what I think of her newest release!



The PV starts with cuts of Ono Erena performing with her band, Erepyon Band and an alternate form of Ono Erena in her room being a nerdy gamer.


The Erepyon Band members wear sheep masks. I wonder if this is a reference to someone counting sheep. Which would hint that this entire PV is a dream sequence from start to finish.


The Erepyon Band members appear as tiny characters in nerdy Erena’s world.


I just wanted to mention that Ono Erena looks fantastic and that I never noticed the mole underneath her bottom lip before.


Nerdy Ono Erena is cute as well.


The overall message that this PV wanted to convey was that the nerdy Ono Erena wanted to change herself into a more confident girl. You can see the tiny Ereypon Band pushing Erena to change herself.


Towards the end of the PV, nerdy Ono Erena decides to change herself and leave her room.


Outside of her room, she meets her Erepyon Band members and she is handed a jacket from one of the members of the band.


The PV ends with her wearing the jacket that was given to her and her hair suddenly grows! That jacket is so magical that it made her hair grow.

I have to dock the PV for using the usual Japanese white flushing of the video. I am not a fan when PVs feature this film treatment. It drowns out the colors and makes everything look like a dream sequence. I do have to give credit to the set designer because even though there are only two sets, the sets are interesting to look at. The messy nerdy Erena room and the performance room with a foresty background are interesting contrasts and the placement of the sets being next to each other is simple and yet effective in trying to convey nerdy Erena leaving her room to go outside to the performing area.


The Erepyon Band members wave goodbye to Erepyon’s old, nerdy self.

I have been highly critical of the work done by the composer SmileR in the past. He has written several songs for Ono Erena and Kikkawa Yuu in 2012 and I was glad that he did not compose this new release. I was severely disappointed by Kikkawa Yuu’s releases last year and SmileR was the only reason why I was disappointed. Thank goodness this release does not have his fingerprints on it. The lack of Nintendo “Kirby” sparkle noises and typical Vocaloid instrumentals helps me enjoy this song much, much more.

Neither the composition nor the recording of the instruments are anything to write home about but they get the job done in setting this up as a typical J-Pop-Rock song. One thing that I found to be interesting is that a lot of the melodies in the chorus remind me of the chorus for AKB48 Team B’s “Shonichi”. Specifically how the chorus picks up and certain notes in the chorus. The silent pauses in the vocal bridge leading into the final chorus is also similar to “Shonichi” as well. I checked to see what this composer’s previous works were but the only thing related to AKB48 I found was the song, “Chokkaku Sunshine” on the “1830m” album by Team 4. Aside from hearing reminiscing bits and pieces of “Shonichi”, this song is solid from start to finish and quite catchy.

This is the best release by Ono Erena since her debut single, “Erepyon” and possibly better depending on if you enjoy J-rock or Vocaloid music more. I think this is her best release to date and something people should definitely give a listen to.





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