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I have been intrigued by Babyraids’ concept of the idol group take over and have been somewhat impressed by their previous releases. See what I thought of their newest release, “JUMP” by hitting, “read” more”.





The PV kicks off with the members tossing their awesome military style hats and features probably two of the better singers of the group singing the intro. Then the intense, punk rock part of the song starts. The PV is quite straightforward and simple.

The entire PV takes place in some sort of underground venue with really awesome lights surrounding the stage. The lights in the back add some intrigue to a PV which is composed primarily of the colors black and white. I can’t really complain since I think you really can’t go wrong going the simple route. I think the way they kept the colors of the PV simple instead of adding every color of the rainbow makes this PV easy on the eyes.

It might not be something you are blown away by every time you watch it but the fact that there is nothing offending your eyes is a huge plus considering how other idol groups love to shove color and weird shit into your eyes these days. As nice and simple as it is, it might be too simple to a fault. It really depends on what you like seeing from a PV.



The added shots of the members jumping and the illusion of a live concert performance makes this PV very enjoyable. The live performance shots remind me a little bit of how no sleeves shot their PV for “Kirigirisujin”. They invited fans to an actual performance and shot the PV then and there. I think this was a clever tactic but the issue with “Kirigirisujin” was the added backstage footage, weird filters, and random camera shakes.

What I would have loved to have seen no sleeves do, Babyraids did. A straight forward live performance PV. Now, I doubt that this PV is video of a live performance but I think it does a good enough job to recreate the atmosphere. Reminds me of punk rock music videos I used to watch when I was growing up.



The way the director shot the PV makes this “performance” look very entertaining and high energy. Mad props to the PV director. Also, wet t-shirt contest and or a tribute to rappers that spray water at the audience in performances is pretty hilarious.


The outfits are really nicely designed and kind of goes with the “raid, pillage and destroy” image that this group is supposed to be about especially when they have the hats on. A vast improvement from the outfits of their debut single “Babyraids”.

The choreography doesn’t really leave an impressions since most of the moves are pretty standard movements. It is also limited by their carrying of microphones. While most groups choose not to carry microphones for PV shooting, Babyraids decided to do so. I’m assuming it was to give a more authentic live footage experience.

So, “Jump” as a song is pretty darn good. The biggest charms of the song are the energy and catchy melodies. The chorus is sure to leave an impression on any listener who enjoys catchy punk rock choruses. The melodies in the intro and the bridge are just as catchy. This song should be able to hold your attention from a melodic perspective but I do have to say that this song suffers from my usual pet peeve of boring punk rock instrumentals that Japan loves to produce.

While the melodies of the vocals are top notch, I don’t hear one from the guitar work. It’s as if there’s no lead guitar part and just power chord progressions. The only part where I hear anything close to a lead guitar part is in the pre-chorus but even then, the recording did not do that any justice as it is just drowned out. Even if I could hear it better, the guitar part is quite lackluster and unimaginative. Even easy power chord octave notes on the A and G strings would have added some layer and higher notes. The guitar work just needed a little more punch to put this song over the top. Same with the drumming. I appreciate the use of the fast drum beats but it lacked the fast sixteenth note fills that I’m so accustomed to hearing in punk rock. Okay so, even though I kinda trashed the instrumentals of the song, I think the song itself is a truly enjoyable experience.

“Jump” took my interest level in Babyraids to a whole new level. Improving upon their previous two releases in every single way. If this is the direction that they are headed in, count me in on the Babyraids bandwagon.



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