Impressions: Jane Doe

Here is the second installment of the audio version of “Impressions”! This time, I share my thoughts on Takahashi Minami’s solo debut, “Jane Doe”. Let us know what you think of this new audio feature in the comments!




Music: “Borealis” by Chase Lim(13thBeat)




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  1. It’s not the nasality factor which makes you find her voice different in this single. Fans have been discussing it and most concluded that she adds too much vibrato into her voice which makes it irritated to some people and she went for the high register rather her usual deep/powerful voice.Just compare it to her earlier songs like Bird and you’ll notice that.

  2. Well like you this is pretty much what I was expecting from Takamina’s solo song wise but like Kashiwagi Yuki’s debut even if it ended up being along the lines of what you expected the song is still good even if in parts I could not get past the feelings I had that I had heard this all before, despite the similarities though I did like the song which is both strong in verses and chorus and shows Takamina’s voice off well.

    The PV however was not so good, To me simply it was just the story, it was stupid and really did not make much sense and in my opinion it is not something that Takamina really needed for her PV, the best parts of the PV were when Takamina was “performing” in front of that audience in the red dress, that situation just works for her, I know I’m basically asking for a solo version of “Kirigirisu Jin” but hell a Takamina solo PV like that would of been awesome I think…..

    So all in all what do I think, well in short for the song they remembered who Takamina was and gave her something she could really work with but for the PV they forgot about that and went with a random story which was really not needed.

    • We are pretty much on the same page. The song is good. For me, the song carry much more weight since I spend more time listening to music more than watching PVs.

    • I never got into Jane Doe in the first place. All the C/W songs are better than JD in my opinion. Yabureta Hane is beautiful, PV is great. Sabita Lock has a very catchy tune and I like her deep voice in tbis. BUENOS AIRES ni ame ga furu is also great.

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