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New School Kaidan as a website feel that, while talking about the big players in the idol scene; it’s also very important to talk about the up and comers. Today Anthony and Garry take a look at the PV for Party Rockets debut single “Hatsukoi Rocket”.



The PV is straightforward with no narrative. It is pretty much 80 percent performance and the other 20 percent is the girls pretending to play guitar, eating candy, and trying to pop sodas.

I really like how this PV is shot. Including all the different colored lights moving around, the out of focus, quick zooming in and out, etc. Although there are different colors invading your eyes (the lights, the colors on the outfits), I don’t see them as a distraction and kind of reminds me of the 80’s hair-metal style reminiscent of groups like Van Halen. It makes sense they went this route because the music feels like rock from the 80’s.

I just feel like the producers for this group didn’t take advantage of having dancers very well. The choreography is pretty bland and unexciting. They were truly treated like background dancers in the mold of EXILE’s performers. I feel bad for the dancers because I feel like they could have had more challenging choreography to show that they aren’t just background dancers, especially in the chorus.

The PV overall is decent. Its multiple playbacks will not stem from how good the PV is but from the cute girls and the really good music.

I’ve said this on a podcast from a couple of weeks ago but this song will easily be in my top 10 at the end of the year. This song combines the poppiness of idol music, the powerful catchy melody of anime theme songs and the music of 80’s thrash metal. This song’s guitar riffs reminds me of a song by Anthrax titled, “Got the Time”.

The intro is powerful and shows off the heavy weight of the music and the verse is super catchy and the lines are split by the two center girls. The chorus is even catchier and it doesn’t take much time to get it stuck in your head. I’ve been at working humming this chorus from time to time.

The instrumentals are pretty standard to that of 80’s thrash metal. The writer did a fantastic job at replicating the metal portion and made it work with the vocals of younger girls. The only negative is that the transition from the end of the bridge to the last chorus is a tad bit awkward and could have used a better musical transition to set up the fantastically catchy chorus to end the song with but that’s just me being picky and doesn’t really hurt the song in anyway.

Overall, the PV is pretty good but mostly contains the performance shots that mainly feature the two lead singers. The song is fantastic and one of my favorites this year and any fan of rock or unconventional idol music will enjoy it. I highly recommend this song!

Go check out the Party Rockets site! Get to know the members! Who do ya like!?





I hope you all know my preferences as far as idol music goes by now. If you do then you probably know how I’m going to review this PV. For everyone else, read on and you’ll find out.

Starting off with the song; it’s pretty fucking great. I always love me a good rock themed idol song and “Hatsukoi Rocket” certainly provides that. The reason that I like these kinds of songs so much is that they generally have an interesting composition and don’t just meander on at a glacial pace like more traditional idol songs tend to do. I want the music I listen to to get me pumped up and Party Rockets certainly bring the party.

To elaborate a bit more on the song, it makes its presence known right from the get-go. Grabbing your attention with the powerful guitar riffs and relentless drum beat. I can completely understand that this sort of thing isn’t to everyone’s taste, especially if for whatever reason you don’t like “metal” or “hard rock” music. However, I’m not 80 years old so this sort of thing is right up my alley.

The lyrics are actually delivered in a way that fits with the instrumental, something that a lot of groups going for this style tend to mess up. It’s easy for a producer to get locked into having female idols deliver song lyrics in the typical sugary sweet way but in this song the lyrics, while still idolish have a harder edge to them. Overall I thought that the song was handled pretty well.

As far as the PV goes, I think it’s fair to say that it’s rather low budget. Most of the shots being filmed on stage with some brief cuts to the girls throwing a party in a back room of the venue (most likely). I suppose it works well enough for what it is. It certainly has much more varied shots than most PVs from a certain other group of much bigger stature.

The performance costumes I thought were pretty neat. I mean, the “rock” look is pretty played out at this point in the idol world but Party Rockets at the very least did not fuck it up (no crazy eye make-up, miles of fishnet, etc) so while they don’t get points for originality, it’s hard to take any points away either. I’m honestly not sure why they’re catgirl maids in the other shots in the PV or why they even really needed those other shots (to show off the girls’ cute side I guess?) but it didn’t ruin the PV or anything so it’s hard to be overly critical.

Getting back to the performance shots, I can’t help but feel that the choreography was a bit…questionable. A little too much arm flailing for my liking, it made the whole package look a lot more clumsy than it was. I do have to say though that the air guitar part at the beginning was a nice touch. I also liked the intro with them shooting off party poppers, a nice little homage to their name.

Another thing that bugged me was how the two girls singing got the majority of the screentime. I have no idea what the dynamic of the group is but to me they appear to be billed as a 6 member group so having only a couple of the girls featured in most of the shots felt pretty disappointing. If those other girls really serve no other purpose than to be backing dancers then fair enough I suppose. I guess I could judge this better if I knew more about the group.

Overall we have a really good song and a fairly average PV. Not too bad for a group releasing their first single. Also, I hope they got paid for all of that Lays product placement.



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  1. At times like these, i love to hear Garry’s biased opinions =] <3


  2. Japan never fails to come out with their endless talent groups, each hoping to make it big one day, in the entertainment industry.

  3. Party Rockets are pretty freaking awesome, this is a solid single to debut on

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