Impressions: Eien Pressure

Come join Chase as he takes you on a journey through the newest AKS release and dives into the latest in a series of strange AKS PVs. Please don’t leave your snide comments and sarcasm at the door.



Another year, another janken single. There was a lot of speculation as to whether or not Paruru could carry the weight of being center in a major single, especially given her lack of emotional range.



Omg I think I won janken.


Jokes aside, “Eien Pressure” is your typical generic and catchy idol song coupled with a PV that has the “WTF is going on” factor. The janken singles are arguably known to be the most generic A-sides that AKB releases throughout the year, so I’m going to briefly touch on the song itself and focus more on the PV for once.


At the very beginning of “Eien Pressure”, Paruru has a short solo that seems a bit too high for her vocal range; it sounds a bit strained and I actually physically winced when I first heard the song. After a couple more listens though, I slowly got used to her voice and now I barely notice it. The verses basically are a carbon copy of the verses in “Ue kara Mariko”, with thumping bass kick, palm-muted guitar, piano and small guitar lead lines. Remember what I said about generic? However, the chorus contains the one part of the song that I enjoy the most, and for some reason appreciate above all else in “Eien Pressure”. The echoed “Pressha” strongly reminds me of the repetition in “Heavy Rotation” (the “I want you I want you I need you I need you” part), and I like this a lot because it gives all the lyrically-illiterate fans (me!) something to sing along to. This aspect alone, in my opinion makes the song that much more accessible to everyone. Maybe this is why “Heavy Rotation” is so popular?


Moving on to the full PV now, this 11 minute long mindwarp starts off with Paruru dressed like Girl Scout meets Little House on the Prairie arriving at some boarding school or camp for idols in the middle of the woods.



She’s immediately greeted by Nito, who gives her a nice welcome by rolling her eyes back and talking like a creepy old woman.



There’s random sounds constantly going off during this whole scene, including horse whinnying, motorcycle revs, gunshot ricochets and cat mews every time a new person is introduced which greatly adds to the confusion and disorientation which is constantly building.


Miyu is really scared of everything for some reason and her lines consist of her screaming and running from what I assume is Paruru. Maybe she’s scared of Paru coming back from Majijo 3 to put the beatdown on her, yo!


In the next split second, Nakamura Mariko throws a dart at the door Miyu was running through and Uchida Mayumi makes a sweet trick catch, pinkie up.



Next up is a pervy fanservice scene which involves a growling creature creeping on Yui taking her clothes off and showering. If you watch the video closely, several leaves grow instantly in the places where it needs coverage. I SMELL A CONSPIRACY

Now you see it…
Now you don’t!


Turns out creepy creature with a head cold was Yukirin. Apparently in nature, the wild Yukirin stalks her prey in the bathroom. Bathroom-goers beware!



Skip ahead to nighttime and Paruru is out on the balcony enjoying a nice apple when all of a sudden Ninja Tomochin appears, does a couple of backflips that are totally real and lands in a car with a new set of clothes and the dude from EXILE some dude. Paruru’s reaction is pretty priceless.



Mariko is next up and she is presented as some kind of swami or holy person, complete with theme music and subtle eyebrow wiggling. Miyu freaks out again. Maybe she thought Mariko was trying to hit on her.



There’s more talking and then the PV finally starts, with dance shots spaced between scenes with Paruru roaming the woods. All of the other members send her off in some Red Riding Hood influenced garb and the villain is revealed: it is none other than Non! Kanon is apparently an evil witch, crystal ball and all, with some interesting body snatching powers.



Paruru isn’t fooled by Non’s sneaky deception, though, and holds up the signature “Asian girl taking pictures of herself” hand sign!


She wants to take a picture! There’s a hidden camera somewhere.


Sadly the flash is too bright for Non’s extremely photogenic face and blows her up. If only Paruru had remembered to set her fingers’ brightness below high, none of this would have happened.




Paruru eventually comes back with some red flowers and everyone congratulates her on a job well done. I guess going on a dangerous mission with an angry Non sabotaging you and coming back with some blooms is how one is accepted into social cliques nowadays.



So besides having less than 0% comprehension of what was going on during this PV, I actually somewhat enjoyed it, in the way that little babies like to watch television because of the pretty colors. The whole video had a sense of old timey-ness with occasional use of old film effect straight out of iMovie and black and white caption boxes.


“Eien Pressure” had its moments though, I especially enjoyed the nod to Uchida’s rock costume.




My biggest annoyance in PVs however, is people playing instruments when they don’t actually know how to play them. Maeda Ami is the biggest fake ever who has tried to play guitar in the history of the world.




There’s also some weird subliminal numbers thing like in “Heavy Rotation”. Aamin signs “7” “5” and “2”. If anyone knows what it means, please let me know, I’m very curious to see if it actually has importance or if Ami’s just screwing around.



So to wrap this long, picture laden review up, “Eien Pressure” as a song is not that bad. If you’re looking for a go-to, solid, standard stock idol song, this is the one for you. The B-sides to Eien are infinitely more interesting in my opinion, especially the NMB and OKL song. So if you’re maybe looking for more variety, I’d recommend checking those out. As for the PV, if one day you’re ever tripping on acid, try watching this, you might freak out and eat your monitor. Don’t do drugs, kids!





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  1. Aamin isn’t signing 7, 5, and 2. She’s playing solo janken, right hand vs left hand. It’s something she’s quite proud of being able to do and considers it a talent.

  2. Thanks for the information, Henry! I definitely didn’t know that, so that helps a lot.

  3. “All complaints about Aamin are heresy.” – The Emperor

    In AKB Japan, guitar plays Ami!

    Also, you can’t stop the rock (Uchida). I loved that so much. Talk about taking ownership of a meme…

    Also(2), the stunt work on the fall was seriously bad-ass top-notch! Paruru apparently took six weeks of lessons in Ragdoll Physics to master that shot and every Yen of it is there on the screen.

  4. This is literally one of the most truly unbearable AKB experiences I’ve ever had, and I’ve seen everything else they’ve ever done. I previously thought Romance, Irane was the worst thing they had ever touched, but once I turned on this PV and saw the opening lines of the song, I wanted to throw up. I hate Paruru with every ounce of my being, and her being plastered all over everything lately damn near literally makes me sick. She is exactly the kind of idol that is the antithesis of what I enjoy about idols and I believe idols like her are what eventually causes most people to be polarized about idols or start to hate idol culture. I’ll admit clear as day that most of their songs are fairly generic and have lots of similar arrangements, but the songwriting combined with the vocal arrangement on this is just unbearable for me.

    Interesting analysis of the video though, it shows me a few other scenes from the video that I couldn’t bear to watch myself because of Paruru.

  5. I’m very grateful that there are such analysis of the Eien Pressure.
    However, I’m disappointed that there are several misunderstandings in the article. I am not sure whether it is initiated or not, but here they go:
    1. Miyuu shouted when she saw Mariko.
    The CORRECT reason is because she saw the time on the clock stopped, and hence shouted: “Jikan ga tomatta”. Hence, she shouted because she felt very scared of Mariko with the fact that the time stopped just when they met Mariko.
    Actually, this is a good scen if only Miyuu act much better.

    2. You seems to misinterpret the Kanon-Paruru scene in some way, eventhough you get the whole picture of it.
    Yes, Kanon pretended to be Mariko-sama offering help to Paruru by offering his palm/hand. However, Paruru then takes out her hand and forming a scissors (as in scissors-paper-stone). The scissors beat ‘Mariko’ (or Kanon)’s paper , hence Paruru beat Mariko-sama, and successfully beat the trap.
    If you do it intentionally, I do hope that you at least clarify it on the bottom of the post cause it may cause misconception among the fans ^^. I still like your article overall.

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