If I Could Be One Person,

It would be PSY. I’d love to be on stage with that kind of energy just enjoying myself like he does. The dancing, the laughs, and the energy, it must be indescribable.

He’s definitely one of the few entertainers that I whole-heartily respect.

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  1. I hope this isn’t taken the wrong way, but It’s always great to see an artist that is celebrated for his/her music and live performances and not for their superficial reasons alone. At least, this is the impression I have of PSY. You can really see how much he enjoy’s being on stage and the energy he evokes is extremely contagious. What really amazes me are his vocals. He sounds great live and in between singing he’s hopping around like nobody’s business. Most artists couldn’t handle that much movement and retain that level of quality in vocal performance at the same time. Thanks for sharing this, David!

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