If Anybody Understand This

If there was any audience that would understand this, I hope it’s you guys. For those of you who don’t get the reference, there’s a series in Japan where a busty female anime character named Hinako works out while wearing loose fitting clothing. She’s ultra bubbly and rather cute but the draw is obviously not that.

Above is some Japanese Woman who decided to do a parody of it. I found it to be pretty hilarious, especially with the gratuitous shots and anime eyes.

For those of your curious, here’s an example of how the series is [Hinako]

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  1. Definitely true to the source material. lol

    Hinako seems like it’s becoming a series. There’s already training and sleeping (no, not in that way actually) with Hinako and apparently there’s a “Bathtime with Hinako” coming soon for anyone that’s interested.

    Yup, I’m just full of useless information.

  2. i got my hands on both of them, thanks–i’ll probably air them tomorrow HAHA!

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