Idols You Should Meet: Morning Musume (Part 7)



Name: Ishida Ayumi
Born: January 7th, 1997 in Miyagi Prefecture
Group: Morning Musume
Nickname: Daaishi, Ayumin, Ayuyu
Blog: Ameba Blog
Hobbies: Fashion, dancing
Talent: Dancing, braiding, knitting

Joined Hello!Project and Morning Musume in 2011 as part of the 10th generation.
Her motto is “Always smile”.
Her favorite colors are white, red, pink and orange.
Her favorite foods are watermelon and ramune flavored candy.
Her least favorite foods are mushrooms and shellfish.
She looks up to Michishige Sayumi and Suzuki Airi.
She took singing and dancing classes for two years prior to joining Morning Musume.
Before Morning Musume she was part of a local idol group called “b minor” and was a back-up dancer for Dorothy Little Happy under Avex before they officially debuted.
Tsunku has praised her performance skills as being “high quality”.
She is close friends with fellow Morning Musume member Iikubo Haruna.
She considers fellow Morning Musume member Fukumura Mizuki to be her biggest rival.
She considers her charm point to be her brown eyes.
Her family owns a bakery.




I have a confession to make guys, I really like Ishida Ayumi. Granted I like all of the members of Morning Musume for one reason or another but she’s one of two or three girls that really stand out from the rest for me. With that being said, here’s a video:

Such ambition, much dedication, wow. Stupid internet memes aside, Daaishi is clearly a very driven and ambitious person. You don’t just dedicate yourself to dancing from such a young age and for so long unless you really want it. Ayumi clearly wants to be as good as she can be and to cement her place on televisions across Japan. That kind of drive is something that I really admire about her.

I also admire that even though by her own admission dancing is her strongest skill, she isn’t afraid to try other things like acting. She also works hard to improve her singing and hone her dance moves because being good at these things is clearly very important to her. It would be easy for Ayumi to coast along on the strength of her dancing but that’s not the kind of person she is. She’s always looking to better herself in one way or another.

I try not to focus too much on looks in these articles but come on! Daaishi is just so cute man. I have to admit that the dyed hair helps a lot when it comes to that but just everything about Ayumi is super adorable. Her short stature also helps boost her cuteness factor through the roof. There’s just something about those short girls. I’m pretty much just gushing at this point so let’s move on to some other things.

Aside from being a complete dork like in the above video, Ayumin does so many funny, endearing or just plain odd things that make her great. Whether it be her questionable fashion sense, liberal use of performance costumes or questionable intentions towards fellow members they’re all just things that make Daaishi who she is.

Though she says she sometimes has trouble expressing her feelings, Ishida’s antics never fail to put a smile on my face. She knows how to be an entertainer and that’s huge in the idol business. Perhaps she doesn’t get as much recognition as some of the other members of Morning Musume but she adds an extra dimension to the group in perhaps a more subtle way than most.

Oh I should mention this before we’re done here, if you ever read something along the lines of Ayumi being poor, take it with a grain of salt. It’s a fairly long running joke in Morning Musume fandom and it may or may not be true. Don’t just blindly believe everything you read online unless it comes from trusted sources like NSK.

That’s pretty much Ishida Ayumi in a nutshell. I guess this is a pretty short write-up but I didn’t want to go super deep and scare people off. Highlighting the important aspects of Daashi as a person as well as mentioning some funny trivia is what I believe to be the best way to introduce an idol to people who don’t know her. Hopefully this piece was a decent introduction and if you have anything to add that you think I missed feel free to leave a comment.

Biography and trivia courtesy of Hello!Project Wiki

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