Idols You Should Meet: Morning Musume (Part 6)



Name: Suzuki Kanon
Born: August 5th, 1998 in Aichi Prefecture
Group: Morning Musume
Nickname: Zukki, Zuka
Blog: Ameba Blog
Hobbies: Karaoke
Talent: Imitations

Joined Hello!Project and Morning Musume in 2011 as part of the 9th generation.
Her motto is “Smiling is #1!”
Her favorite colors are pink, yellow, orange and green.
Her favorite foods are yakiniku, miso soup and dried daikon.
Her least favorite foods are watermelon, grapes and black tea.
She looks up to Mitsui Aika, Fukuda Kanon and Nakazawa Yuko.
She is known for her cheerful and sunny personality.
She is considered one of the best singers from her generation.
She prefers her looks to be natural.
She has a younger sister and two older brothers.
She played softball and took part in track and field in grade school.
In the future she hopes to learn foreign languages and travel the world.
She would like to be a nurse or a teacher once her activities in Morning Musume end.
She is good friends with S/mileage members members Nakanishi Kana and Tamura Meimi.
Her best friend from within Morning Musume is Sayashi Riho.




I’m honestly not sure how to start this piece. I actually have quite a few things to say about Suzuki Kanon but I really want to start things off on the right note. I guess I’ll let you guys watch the video I’ve provided below and then hopefully by the time you’re done I’ll have figured something out.

Now, I hope that what you took from that video is that Kanon is a very kind and loving person. If you made me list words that describe Suzuki Kanon, those would be near the top. You’ll have also maybe picked up on the fact that she’s pretty funny too. That’s a pretty solid combination of personality traits for an idol right there. Which makes me rather sad that more people don’t talk about Ms Suzuki.

I mean, people do talk about her but it’s usually for all the wrong reasons. Yes, Zukki is bigger than the other Morning Musume members (and isn’t helped by the costume department’s inability to make flattering outfits for her), do you want a medal for pointing that out or something? Great job on that astute observation asshole. I didn’t even want to bring this up but a lot of people make a big deal out of it so there ya go.

I’m going to keep the rest of this positive because honestly, Suzuki Kanon’s weight isn’t a big deal to me. I actually think she’s kinda cute and all of those crazy imitations she does are pretty hilarious. She just isn’t afraid to go all out, be herself and make people crack a smile. Every idol group needs someone like that. It’s an entertainment business so it’s good to see that there are still girls out there who actually want to entertain people. There’s far too many prim and proper idols these days.

As far as performing goes, Suzuki is certainly one of the better singers in Morning Musume and while her dancing isn’t perfect, she has come a long way since she first joined the group. That’s something I really admire about her, she works really hard to improve herself. The fact that she does this with such a positive attitude and a smile on her face just makes it even better.

Another thing I really like about her is how she comes across as so kind and caring. That might not seem like a huge deal to you but Kanon makes it feel so natural, because in her case it clearly is. The positive energy and sense of genuine excitement she gives off when interacting with other people is really unique. It’s something that you just don’t come across very often in the manufactured world of false smiles and pleasantries that is the idol business.

Sure she has her detractors and there have been moments where she has faltered a bit for one reason or another but Suzuki Kanon isn’t the type of person to be kept down for long. There’s just no stopping that kind of fearlessness and positivity.

Biography and trivia courtesy of Hello!Project Wiki

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