Idols You Should Meet: Morning Musume (Part 10)



Name: Oda Sakura
Born: March 12th, 1999 in Kanagawa Prefecture
Group: Morning Musume
Nickname: Dacchi, Odachii, Odan, Odacho, OdaSaku, Sakurakkyo, Sacchan, SakuSaku
Blog: Ameba Blog
Hobbies: Sewing, cooking, humming songs
Talent: Hula dance

Joined Hello!Project in 2011 as a Hello!Pro Egg after failing the second generation S/mileage auditions.
Joined Morning Musume in 2012 as the sole member of the 12th generation.
Her favorite color is white.
Her favorite foods are matsumaezuke, jellyfish, and eggplant.
She looks up to Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa, Michishige Sayumi, Nakajima Saki and Sugaya Risako.
When she was a kenshuusei she said she would like to debut with Berryz Koubou.
She is known for being very confident.
Her dream as an idol is to be unique within Hello!Project.
Her goal within Morning Musume is to sing like Takahashi Ai and Niigakai Risa and dance like Nakajima Saki.
She has been a fan of Morning Musume and Hello!Project since kindergarten.
Her favorite Morning Musume member is Kudo Haruka but she gets along best with Ishida Ayumi and Suzuki Kanon.
She has an older brother and a younger sister.
She is known for being good at imitating other singers’ voices.




Hey guys, so we did it. This is the last article in our Morning Musume themed edition of Idols You Should Meet. Before we get going, I’d like to give a big thanks to the people who contributed their time and resources along the way. It was a bit of a rough ride but hopefully everyone learned something and came away from this exercise a little more informed than when we started.

Last but not least we have the lovely Oda Sakura. I’m going to admit that I’m not the most knowledgeable about her but I can at least point out some stuff and tell you why she’s a cool person. First though, a little video because why not?

Right so to get the formalities out of the way, Oda is currently the newest member of Morning Musume. She’s also fairly unique in that she’s the only member of her generation. It would seem like it would be quite a lonely situation but Sakura has actually been in Hello!Project for about as long as her fellow Morning Musume members so let’s not worry about that too much. Girl has all sorts of experience already.

What’s so special about Odachii though? Why should you care about her over any of the other members of Morning Musume? Well, have a listen to this video and maybe you’ll be able to see why.

Pretty impressive right? You don’t see pipes like those every day that’s for sure. That’s one of the first things I noticed about Oda Sakura, the girl can sing and she can sing pretty damn well. A lot of people consider her to be one of if not the best vocalist that Morning Musume currently possesses and I think you’d probably find that hard to argue.

Okay so she can sing, that’s cool. However, the thing about Sakura is that she wants to do it all. She wants to be a great singer but she also wants to be a great performer while on stage. A lot of idols can usually do one or the other (or sometimes neither) but it’s a bit rarer to find one that can do both to a high standard. Especially when we’re taking about singing live, which is something that Morning Musume likes to do a fair bit.

Do I think Oda is there yet? Not exactly but she’s working really hard towards it and I have no reason to doubt that she’ll get there if she keeps putting the work in.

Apart from her performance skills, the big thing that stands out about Odacho is her confidence. I suppose confidence and performing do go hand in hand to an extent but Sakura doesn’t just leave it on the stage. She’s perfectly fine with throwing herself head on into almost any situation with a smile on her face. That’s a pretty good asset to have as an idol.

Perhaps more impressive is that despite her confidence, Oda is just a really sweet and caring person. When she talks to people she does so in a way that makes them feel included, no matter who they might be. Putting up barriers is not something that she’s about. That’s just something that I really admire, especially in someone so young. I kinda make a big deal out of social interactions (to my own detriment) so seeing and hearing about this stuff makes me happy.

Those are really the main things that I personally like about Oda Sakura. I’m a sucker for a pretty voice and a nice personality I guess. I have no shame in admitting that. I’m sure other people will have other things they like about Oda so post them in the comments if you do. Hopefully this article was insightful in some small way, that’s all I ever hope for.

Apart from that, a huge thanks again guys for joining me on this journey. Keep your eyes on the site for more articles and podcasts in the coming weeks.

Biography and trivia courtesy of Hello!Project Wiki

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