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We’re back with another “Idols You Should Meet” here on New School Kaidan! Take a guess at who this idol is then hit the link below to find out if you’re right and to find out some more information about her.

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Name: Kato Rumi
Born: March 9th, 1995 in Gifu Prefecture
Team: SKE48, Team S
Nickname: Rumi, Rooms (Dae’s nickname for her)
Personality: Easy going
Strengths: Has trivial knowledge, hard working
Hobbies: Manga, anime, fishing (actual fishing), illustrating
Talent: Facial pantomime, finger snapping, moonwalk

Favorite food is mandarin orange.
Loves fishing and takes care of worms to use as bait.
Youngest of four sisters.
Friends outside of Team S are Yakata Miki and Mukaida Manatsu.
Second in command of the “Mizuki Army”.
She would rather be called, “funny” than “cute”.
Commutes to Nagoya from Gifu for SKE activities.
Hopes to become a variety talent and voice actress.


Dae says: Kato Rumi(who I casually refer to as “Rooms” or “Room-Rooms”) is made up of all things endearing and sits comfortably in my personal top 3 of SKE members. She first caught my eye on Mousou Deka, where she wore an ugly, oversized grey sweater and sweatpants, wielding a giant knife; but she was just so goddamn adorable. And her insistence on collecting apparel and toys depicting the cute and endangered Panda takes that shit and cranks it up to ELEVEN. Her round face, big eyes, short stature, unexpectedly low voice and big personality pretty much demanded my attention ever since.

Her goofiness and wit is always a highlight of anything that features her, and under all that you also get the sense that she’s a really mature, focused person. The combination of her confidence and humor almost gives me a leader-like image of her, even if she’s not a senbatsu member. Also, there should be a “Round Face Alliance” with Kato Rumi and Sato Sumire and a variety show revolving around their hobbies. I wonder if I could take that much cuteness.

Anthony says: Kato Rumi is one of the most overlooked members in SKE48. Not only is she a good performer but also a fantastic personality. She has the ability to be a complete goofball but also a legitimate MC. Her MCing skills are highly rated by her peers and their theater manager. She has the ability to command attention while speaking and has proven her abilities on multiple occasions on “SKE48 no Sekai Seifuku Joshi”. Kato Rumi, while a very good performer is also a totally hilarious character that I think most people would find charming. I feel like she’s always a borderline senbatsu member that just quite can’t get over that 16 member hump. I hope she makes senbatsu someday and I hope that more people take notice of her entertaining antics!

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  1. Funny and cute is a deadly combo. I have seen her in PVs and such, but missed her funny side until now.

    I really like this segment of the site! It is hard in the AKS groups to learn all of the members, and some really good idols get lost in the shuffle some times. Please keep introducing us to these folks!

  2. There was sum major Kato Rumi pushing during the live broadcast of NSK Podcast Episode 100. Because of that, I will always think of NSK when I see Kato Rumi’s “gag” :)

  3. RumiPanda!!!

    Yeah she probably is one of the most overlooked girls in SKE and you cannot argue that it’s because she’s not trying, she’s always doing something, either on shows or on the stage she being energetic, or funny or more often than not both, infact she pretty much to me is the embodiment of what SKE is, if you wrapped it up inside an idol, funny, high-tempo and good fun.

    Perhaps though that is her problem, you get a lot of that in SKE and it sadly seems as though Rumi is just one of those who has been left behind a bit in favour of other, still the lady who does their TV shows has given Rumi a MC chance by having her child, so not all bad for her atm……

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