Idols You Should Meet 018

We’re back with another “Idols You Should Meet” here on New School Kaidan! Take a guess at who this idol is then hit the link below to find out if you’re right and to find out some more information about her.

If you would like to suggest an idol for us to feature, send your suggestion through our contacts page and let us know if you’d like to write something that sums up your thoughts on why people should meet her!


Name: Murashige Anna
Born: July 29th, 1998 in Yamaguchi Prefecture
Team: HKT48, Team H
Nickname: Aanya
Personality: Aggressive, friendly
Strengths: Does not get down on herself
Hobbies: Dancing, singing, and collecting clothing.
Talent: Long-distance running, making weird faces.

Father is Japanese and mother is Russian.
The comedian of HKT.
Admires Matsui Jurina.
Rival is fellow HKT member Nakanishi Chiyori.
Is a part of Matsui Rena’s menlonpan alliance.
Likes Watanabe Miyuki of NMB48.
Looks up to Matsuda Seiko.
Is part of her school’s brass band.
Dislikes bugs and ghosts.
Favorite song from her stage is, “Te wo Tsunaginagara”.
Wants to perform the unit song, “Seifuku Resitance”.
Favorite TV show is “Shukan AKB”.


Anthony says: Murashige Anna is what I refer to as a “firecracker”. She is easily one of the loudest, most humorous, and entertaining members in HKT48. She is not afraid to stir things up and make a fool of herself. Murashige has the ability to befriend or annoy any person in sight. Although this may sound like a double-edged sword, her antics still leave an impression on you. I think the girls we featured in this post tend to be on the shy side and do not take full advantage of their screen time but Murashige is not one of those girls. Murashige does not back down from any challenge or any opportunity to make an impression on people. Murashige Anna could turn out to be one of the most entertaining girls to watch in AKS down the line just based on her current energy and humor.



Dae says: Murashige Anna, whom I lovingly refer to as ‘Sheegs’. She was instantly recognizable from the first HKT appearance on television so I decided to look for her anytime the group was present, and I was pleasantly surprised that she was extremely outgoing; but it wasn’t until she got her Google+ account when I realized that she wasn’t just half-Russian, but half-mad as well. She is a wrecking ball, megaphone, vodka, and an awkward turtle that fused together in that telepod chamber in The Fly, which somehow resulted in an adorable half Russian Japanese idol.

She leaves a trail of destruction wherever she goes, has the loudest voice in the room and gets herself in some terribly awkward situations. This is a girl who can’t be ignored. Her only settings are “OFF” and “HOLY SHIT” for better or worse; but when it comes down to it Sheegs has drive and takes initiative. She may be too hyped up on sugar and have trouble controlling her energy now, but she’ll figure out how to use it effectively as she gets older; and I see her becoming a really great, entertaining idol along the lines of Oshima Yuko. While not everyone will enjoy her loud, destructive behavior, she is someone who simply can’t be looked over.

Because she is so loud.

And destructive.


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  1. Murashige Anna is an interesting choice for the idols you can meet section, mainly because she’s more likely to come to you and wreck up the place! The thing is, you end up joining her in the destruction!

    It is never easy to stand out in these groups, perhpas even more so in Fukuoka, but darn it Anna is determined to do it with her own brand of youtful bat-shit craziness, and it works to, there’s something about watching a young girl being crazy and acting, well, young that is both exciting and refreshing.

    And I agree with Dae, her full on un-controlled crainess works now but things will have to be controlled in future years but if the do, well, she could be big, really big, at the very least sahe is an idol I will definitely enyoy watching the growth of an idol who will take up any challenge!

    …… though perhpas someone should of told her not to out bend Suda Akari……

  2. Hmm…..

    Yasusu, why u no make a song for MelonPan Alliance?
    Why no company that makes melonpan no come to Yasusu asking for MelonPan Alliance to do CM tie-ups???

    I demand MelonPan Alliance as an official 48 Family sub-group <_< lol

  3. There’s only one Crazy Anya.


  4. Thank you so much for including Annya in your Idols You Can Meet series! She’s completely secure as my HKT oshi, and I’ve considered oshihenning several times to her….:P She’s a crazy ball of energy that always makes me laugh whenever I pull up my G+ stream XD

  5. Murashige and Kimoshita would be the most menace-full combination…..

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