Idols You Should Meet 016

We’re back with another “Idols You Should Meet” here on New School Kaidan! Take a guess at who this idol is then hit the link below to find out if you’re right and to find out some more information about her.

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Name: Kondo Rina
Born: February 23rd, 1997 in Shiga Prefecture
Team: NMB48, Team N
Nickname: Rii-chan
Personality: Free spirit, hates to lose.
Strengths: Energetic.
Weakness: Clumsy.
Hobbies: Dancing, cell phone novels, reading shoujo manga and novels, massages, watching videos, golfing.
Talent: Barking like a dog, Yamada Nana, Jonishi Kei, Ogasawara Mayu impersonations.

 One of the best dancers in NMB48.
Very forgetful.
Sleeps with her eyes half open.
Likes to eat warm edamame.
Dislikes green peppers.
Listens to EXILE and Nishino Kana.
Favorite colors are pink and blue.
Her oshimen in AKB48 is Nakagawa Haruka, Kizaki Yuria and Kimoto Kanon in SKE48, Shiroma Miru in NMB48, Sugamoto Yuko in HKT48.
Looks up to Maeda Atsuko.
If she was in AKB48, she would want to be in Team A and Team S in SKE48.


Dae says: KOOONDO RIIINNA!!! She was marked for my favorite NMB member since I saw her on Naniwa Nadeshiko; her penchant for mischief and smart-ass antics may not skyrocket her popularity with Japanese fans but I’ve always found them extremely entertaining. She carries herself with confidence (maybe more than she should sometimes), but it immediately made her stand out when I was surveying Team N members.

Her un-idol-llke irreverence for authority and preference of black and grey colored clothes may paint her as an odd one, but she’s got the double-edged advantage of also being prodigiously adorable. With a sanguine shell and a devious mind, how can I pass on this winsome combination? It’s unfortunate that her spot in senbatsu is shaky, but her strong personality and photogenic smile demands attention whenever she appears.

Garry says: Kondo Rina, what’s not to like? The originator of the “air handshake” that has now become incredibly popular among her AKS peers; thus showing she really does value her fans and is much more thoughtful than she perhaps first appears. Most people’s first impression of Kondo is that she’s a bit of a troublemaker (not helped by her alleged scandal) with no regard for the consequences of her actions, and they wouldn’t be totally wrong. However if you look closer you’ll see a confident and fun loving girl who isn’t afraid to put herself out there. It’s a good thing too because otherwise she’d surely be eclipsed by the other strong personalities in NMB. She hasn’t really managed to cement her place in senbatsu but whenever she does show up you know the laughs are never far behind.

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