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We’re back with another “Idols You Should Meet” here on New School Kaidan! Take a guess at who this idol is then hit the link below to find out if you’re right and to find out some more information about her.

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Name: Shimada Haruka
Born: December 16th, 1992 in Shizuoka Prefecture
Team: AKB48, Team 4
Nickname: Haruu
Personality: Strong sense of justice, hates to lose, strong-willed, perfectionist.
Strengths: Energetic, hates to lose, sociable, bright.
Weakness: Irritable, stubborn, fear of heights.
Hobbies: Watching movies, collecting aroma goods, sports, shoujo manga.
Talent: Sports, memorization.


Got her nickname(Haruu) from Miyazawa Sae, Ono Erena, and Chikano Rina.
Good friends with Oba Mina.
Looks up to Miyazawa Sae. Was a Kojima Haruna oshi but oshihened to Miyazawa.
Matsui Rena asked Shimada Haruka if she was Shimazaki Haruka because Matsui had heard that Shimazaki liked melon pan and made the mistake of asking Shimada.
Known to be just as strong-willed as Uchida Mayumi.
Shows a little bit of interest in idols. Likes Yajima Maimi of C-ute and Takahashi Ai of Morning Musume.
Does not believe in fortune telling.
Has run marathons.
Likes to read.
Claims to have the sixth sense.
Favorite movies are “Titanic” and “Harry Potter”.
Favorite animals are dogs, lions, and giraffes.
Her parents run a Japanese-style inn.
Has an older brother.
Takes 2 hour baths.
Has a legs fetish. Her personal rank of favorite legs in AKB: 1. Kojima Haruna 2. Sashihara Rino 3. Fujie Reina 4. Oya Shizuka 5. Abe Maria. Used to like Nakamura Mariko’s legs but she lost interest after her legs gained muscle.


Anthony says: Shimada Haruka is not your prototypical idol. She’s tom boyish and loud. She is one of the biggest personalities in AKB48. She’s quick to react and does not back down from any challege. Even if it’s an elder member of the group! Whenever she is on a variety program, she leaves an impression because of her command of the situation. The other quality of her that I really enjoy is the fact that she might come off as a loud tomboy but she’s actually kinda girly. She enjoys reading shoujo manga, went a to a girls’ school, took tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Japanese dance classes and fans have noted that her sneezes are really cute and girly. This is what anime fans refer to as “gap moe“. I really find her two contradictory characteristics interesting and makes her that much more attractive. She always performs at a 100% which I appreciate a lot considering some of the performing in AKB has left me disappointed with the lack of energy recently. The fact that she did not rank in the elections this year is a travesty and I hope more people realize how awesome Shimada Haruka is!

Dae says: It’s been great seeing Shimada Haruka grow from the kenkyuusei days, going from a wide-eyed girl to someone with a strong presence. She just has an air of level-headedness and a grounded personality that allows her to be serious and goofy, a trait many group leaders have. She can command a room with her voice, yet she can also bro out with her fellow members. She was my personal candidate for Team 4 captain because of her very apparent tenacity and comradre with her teammates, a natural transition considering she was captain of her tennis team.

She’s also my personal candidate for the biggest image change post-haircut in AKB. It’s radical how different her aura became with her boyish hair. It’s a shame that she didn’t even rank in this year’s senbatsu election but Team 4 is a group that has yet to be fully accepted, so I can definitely see her rising in upcoming years. In an interview, theater manager Togasaki noted that Shimada instantly gave him the same feeling as Akimoto Sayaka and Miyazawa Sae, and I can see why. There’s no doubt when it comes to her hard work and dedication to AKB and her team, and I can’t see her bold personality being ignored for long.

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