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We’re back with another “Idols You Should Meet” here on New School Kaidan! Take a guess at who this idol is then hit the link below to find out if you’re right and to find out some more information about her.

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Name: Abe Maria
Born: November 29th, 1995 in Kanagawa prefecture
Team: AKB48, Team 4
Nickname: Maria
Personality: Negative and doesn’t like attention.
Strengths: Tall, mentally tough, responsible, good with kids.
Weakness: Mypaced, negative, forgetful, slow runner, not a good speaker, childish.
Hobbies: Watching comedy shows, taking a walk, shopping, eating, buying books.
Talent: Catching grasshoppers, dancing.

Likes bugs you do not have to communicate with them.
Listens to 4Minute and a lot of K-Pop.
Favorite sports are basketball and swimming.
Favorite movie is ROOKIES.
Favorite book is a kitty photobook.
Favorite colors are white, pink, purple.
Favorite drink and food is strawberry milk and soft serves.
Good friends with Maeda Ami, Iriyama Anna, and Matsuda Shiori.
Looks up to Itano Tomomi.
Her oshimen is Matsuda Shiori of NMB48.
Her oshimen in Team 4 is Ichikawa Miori.


Anthony says: Abe Maria, another one of them odd girls that intrigues me. Tall, rangy, and dreams of becoming a model. She has the tools to make it in the entertainment industry. There’s not too much out there with her showing off her personality besides some of the Shukan and Nemousu episodes. She displayed that she is an oddball in the mold of Komori Mika and other AKB48 members have mentioned this about her. She made a huge impact on me when I saw her Washington D.C. She is a very powerful performer and it seems like her personality changes when she’s on stage. When she’s talking and not performing, she seems airheaded and looks out of place and awkward but when she’s on stage, she is FIERCE. Her prior dancing experience has helped and she is a darn good performer. She just needs to find a niche group of fans who can enjoy her oddball personality and her passionate performance.

Malcolm(SleepyOta) says: Abe Maria is one of the most hilarious members of Team 4. She has a very strange sense of humor which many fans online describe as similar to a “troll.” She likes to say and do things that leave you scratching your head and as a result, produces tons of laughs from me and her fans. If you want an example of her sense of humor, check out her latest election appeal vid on the H!O tracker. I guess what attracted me to her at first was how it was completely unusual for a girl like her to be in an idol group. I mean she’s tall, dark, doesn’t like to act as cute as the other members and not to mention she’s pretty negative. Her personality reminds me of Sashihara in some ways especially in her pessimism. But all these traits she has make her extremely relatable which is a characteristic I highly value in a member. She is also absolutely gorgeous and one of the best dancers in Team 4. I believe she’s a member to watch. I think she is going to be a big hit on variety shows in the near future and I look forward to seeing more of her and her style of comedy.

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